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Mark Ericksen
Mark Ericksen
By Mark Ericksen Is Hiring Rails Specialists

We want to be the best place on the Internet to run Ruby on Rails apps, and especially Hotwire. If you're a Rails developer that's enthusiastic about Hotwire, we need your help. Here's's not-so-secret evil plan. We make it easy to ru...

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By Mark Ericksen Is Hiring Laravel Specialists sponsors the Laravel Livewire project, and now we're hiring Laravel people. Here's's not-so-secret evil plan. We make it easy to run full-stack apps—any app, in any framework—close to your users. We're a simple and powerful way to ru...

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By Mark Ericksen

Launching Livebook Using LiveView

The Livebook launcher was super fun to create. Everything happens in a single LiveView process. There was a problem though… it wasn't great if we were in the middle of deploying the app for the user and one these things happened: User hits "refr...

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By Mark Ericksen

Better Business Intelligence in Elixir With Livebook

As a developer, has your manager ever come and asked a question like, "How much money are we making?" If you were a line-of-business developer at a global insurance company, you'd reach for your handy, nosebleed-expensive Business Intelligence (BI...

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By Mark Ericksen

FYI: Phoenix Drops Webpack and Npm for Esbuild

The Phoenix Framework is the go-to web framework for Elixir developers. A recent PR was merged that replaces the use of node, npm, and webpack with esbuild. For those new to esbuild, it is written in Go so it compiles to native code and runs reall...

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By Mark Ericksen

FYI: Livebook 0.2 With Kino

Livebook 0.2 was released. The big news here was the announcement of "Kino" (meaning "cinema"). It's a client-side focused feature that animates data changes. José Valim created a video demonstrating some of the new Livebook features. Use this lin...

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By Mark Ericksen

Observing Elixir in Production

Elixir, Erlang, and really just the BEAM has a feature called "Observer". It's fun showing it to people new to Elixir because it's just so cool! It's a WxWidgets graphical interface that connects in realtime to a running Erlang node and lets you "...

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By Mark Ericksen

Livebook Is a Secret Weapon for Documentation

Every application has that core, most important thing that it does. It is the reason the application exists. It's that central idea that everything else is there to support. A major hurdle for new developers joining a project can be understanding ...

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By Mark Ericksen

Building a Distributed Turn-Based Game System in Elixir

One of the best things about building web applications in Elixir is LiveView, the Phoenix Framework feature that makes it easy to create live and responsive web pages without all the layers people normally build. Many great Phoenix LiveView exampl...

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