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By Sam Ruby

Vanilla with Candy Sprinkles

Recapping where we are to date: There are plenty of JavaScript frameworks to choose from, and loves them all. Pretty much all of the big name frameworks are delightfully weird. Picking up where we left off, this blog post will describe...

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By Chris Fidao

Playing Traffic Cop With Fly-Replay

The Fly Replay header is deceptively simple. All your app has to do is respond with a header, and the HTTP request gets re-ran somewhere else. It's behind-the-scenes of some pretty interesting apps on (we wrote about using it with Globally ...

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By Sam Ruby

The JavaScript Ecosystem Is Delightfully Weird

Note, I'm not saying that JavaScript is weird, though it definitely is weird. But that's not the point of this blog post. Bear with me, instead of starting with how JavaScript ecosystem is weird, I'm going to start with why the JavaScript ecosyst...

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By Mariusz Felisiak

DRY: Template Rendering With Context Processors

Django has many hidden gems that are neither widely used nor well known. In this article, I will discuss context processors which are one of my favorites. They allow following the DRY (don't repeat yourself) principle in template rendering and kee...

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By Kátia Nakamura

Deploying LangChain to

I hear about Large Language Models (LLM) everywhere these days! Do you? 🤔 LLMs are a type of natural language processing (NLP) technology that uses advanced deep learning techniques to generate human-like language. If you haven't heard about LLMs,...

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By Sam Ruby ❤️ JS is a great place to run fullstack applications. For most programming languages, there is a defacto default fullstack framework. For Ruby, there is Rails. For Elixir, there is Phoenix. For PHP there is Laravel. For Python, there is Djang...

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By Mariusz Felisiak

Running Tasks Concurrently in Django Asynchronous Views

Async support has really been improving and expanding in Django! Since Django 3.0 with the addition of ASGI support (Asynchronous Server Gateway Interface) there has been a steady march of improvements that bring Django closer to having a full asy...

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By Kátia Nakamura

A 'No JS' Solution for Dynamic Search in Django

Django is one of the most used server-side frameworks out there. It uses MTV (Model-Template-View) design pattern to build highly scalable and maintainable apps. Even though Django is a very versatile framework, one of the things that annoys me th...

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By Kátia Nakamura

Deploying Django to Production

The first Django app I ever created was a simple Blog back in 2015, during a Django Girls event in Brazil. Ever since then, I've created and deployed many other Django applications but the deployment process was never so easy as it was with

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By Ben Johnson

Gossip Glomers

In the field of computer science, the industry is represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the software developers who build Rails applications and mobile games, and the academics who write theory papers about why the problems tho...

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By Chris Fidao

Shipping Logs

Nearly all of our apps are puking output. Sometimes, it's intentional. Often this output is in the form of structured logs. Logs are helpful for a variety of use cases - debugging, tracking, collating, correlating, coalescing, and condensing the h...

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By Mariusz Felisiak

Standout Features in Django 4.2

After 8 months of work by over 200! contributors 💗, the first alpha version of Django 4.2 is out! This is a long-term support release (LTS) with extended support until April 2026, so 3 more years. The final release should be issued in early Apr...

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By Thomas Ptacek

Carving the Scheduler Out of Our Orchestrator

So, you want to build an app to rate sandwiches. Well, the world has a lot of different sandwiches. Pit beefs in Baltimore, Tonkatsu sandos in Shinjuku, and Cemitas in Puebla. You want real-time sandwich telemetry, no matter the longitude of the s...

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