Imaginary on Fly, just One-click

One of our most popular uses for Fly is providing global image services using Imaginary; we even have a guide for it. But at Fly we know we can make it simpler, which is why we’ve now got a one-click launcher for Imaginary available today.

Warning: This document is old! It is likely wrong in some important way.

The folks behind Imaginary have worked with Fly and they also added the one-click launcher to their README on GitHub so that potential Imaginary users can be up, converting, resizing and more faster than ever. For Imaginary’s creators, it’s also a chance to turn that interest into project funding through revenue sharing. This is something that’s going to be big.


One-click launchers make it simple for any project to create running, production-ready versions of their applications. There’s no infrastructure needed, just the ability to paste in the button code where needed. And with scalable SVG buttons, even the button just works on your page.

Is your project next?

Imaginary are the first, we hope of many, open source project to work with us to make their application launchable with One-click onto Fly. Our plan is to make it a valuable way for these projects to fund themselves.

We’re looking for open source projects to work with us to create a process that works for everyone. If your project is interested in engaging with Fly around One-click launching, drop a mail to Christina, Fly’s Community Manager to find out more.