Application Delivery Network Pricing

We charge based on request and bandwidth volume. Pricing varies per region.

RegionPer 1000 RequestsBandwidth
North America$0.0035$0.18 / GB
Europe$0.0045$0.18 / GB
Asia Pacific$0.0045$0.21 / GB
South America$0.0055$0.25 / GB
Africa$0.0055$0.25 / GB

Free Tier

Fly is free for the first 2 million requests and 100GB of data per month.

Middleware and Rules

Each request includes the execution of 2 middleware and 2 rules. Extra middleware/rules work as a request multiplier, if a request runs 4 middleware it is billed as two requests. If a request runs 3 rules and no middleware, it's billed as two requests.

Volume pricing and Enterprise plans with SLA guarantees are available. Ask for more information!