Fly App Pricing

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How It Works

Our pricing is designed to let you run small applications for free, and scale costs affordably as your needs grow. services are billed per organization. Billing is based on the resources provisioned for your app, prorated for the time they are up.


Each organization starts on the Hobby plan, which is a straightforward pay-as-you-go option. 

Our free allowance applies to all plans, including the Hobby plan, and includes enough usage to run a small full-stack app for free. You can keep it running for free as long as you like. 

If you want to scale beyond the included free resources, you can pay for just what you need at the usage-based pricing listed below.

If you need more support or compliance options, you can choose one of our paid plans. These come with usage included and additional support options.

For details and to select a different plan, see: Plan Pricing

Free Allowances

Resources included for free on all plans:

  • Up to 3 shared-cpu-1x 256mb VMs
  • 3GB persistent volume storage (total)
  • 160GB outbound data transfer

Additional resources are billed at the usage-based pricing detailed below.

3 VM's total between Apps and Machines



Pricing for application virtual machines. These are the regular apps you run on Fly.

CPU(s) RAM Price
shared-cpu-1x 1 shared 256MB $0.0000008/s ($1.94/mo)
512MB $0.0000012/s ($3.19/mo)
1GB $0.0000022/s ($5.70/mo)
2GB $0.0000041/s ($10.70/mo)
dedicated-cpu-1x 1 dedicated 2GB $0.0000120/s ($31.00/mo)
4GB $0.0000158/s ($41.01/mo)
8GB $0.0000235/s ($61.02/mo)
dedicated-cpu-2x 2 dedicated 4GB $0.0000239/s ($62.00/mo)
8GB $0.0000355/s ($92.02/mo)
16GB $0.0000509/s ($132.04/mo)
dedicated-cpu-4x 4 dedicated 8GB $0.0000478/s ($124.00/mo)
16GB $0.0000749/s ($194.04/mo)
32GB $0.0001057/s ($274.08/mo)
dedicated-cpu-8x 8 dedicated 16GB $0.0000957/s ($248.00/mo)
32GB $0.0001536/s ($398.08/mo)
64GB $0.0002153/s ($558.16/mo)


Pricing for Machines, which includes Fly Postgres.

CPU(s) RAM Price
shared-cpu-1x 1 shared 256MB $0.0000008/s ($1.94/mo)
512MB $0.0000012/s ($3.19/mo)
1GB $0.0000022/s ($5.70/mo)
2GB $0.0000041/s ($10.70/mo)
shared-cpu-2x 2 shared 512MB $0.0000015/s ($3.89/mo)
1GB $0.0000029/s ($7.64/mo)
2GB $0.0000049/s ($12.64/mo)
4GB $0.0000087/s ($22.65/mo)
shared-cpu-4x 4 shared 1GB $0.0000030/s ($7.78/mo)
2GB $0.0000064/s ($16.53/mo)
4GB $0.0000102/s ($26.54/mo)
8GB $0.0000180/s ($46.55/mo)
shared-cpu-8x 8 shared 2GB $0.0000060/s ($15.55/mo)
4GB $0.0000132/s ($34.31/mo)
8GB $0.0000210/s ($54.32/mo)
16GB $0.0000364/s ($94.34/mo)
performance-1x 1 performance 2GB $0.0000120/s ($31.00/mo)
4GB $0.0000158/s ($41.01/mo)
8GB $0.0000235/s ($61.02/mo)
performance-2x 2 performance 4GB $0.0000239/s ($62.00/mo)
8GB $0.0000355/s ($92.02/mo)
16GB $0.0000509/s ($132.04/mo)
performance-4x 4 performance 8GB $0.0000478/s ($124.00/mo)
16GB $0.0000749/s ($194.04/mo)
32GB $0.0001057/s ($274.08/mo)
performance-8x 8 performance 16GB $0.0000957/s ($248.00/mo)
32GB $0.0001536/s ($398.08/mo)
64GB $0.0002153/s ($558.16/mo)
performance-16x 16 performance 32GB $0.0001914/s ($496.01/mo)
64GB $0.0003110/s ($806.16/mo)
128GB $0.0004345/s ($1126.33/mo)

Persistent Storage Volumes

You can add one or more persistent volumes to your apps with flyctl volumes create ...:

  • Free: 3GB of total provisioned capacity per organization
  • $0.15/GB per month of provisioned capacity

Volume billing is pro-rated to the hour.

Network Prices

Anycast IP Addresses

Each application includes one Anycast IPv4 and unlimited Anycast IPv6 Anycast addresses for global load balancing. Additional IPv4 addresses are $2/mo.

Managed SSL Certificates

We use Lets Encrypt to issue certificates, and donate half of our SSL fees to them at the end of each calendar year.

  • Single hostname certificates
    • Free for the first 10
    • $0.10/mo for additional certificates
  • Wildcard certificates: $1/mo

Outbound Data Transfer

We bill for outbound data transfer, inbound transfer is free.

Regions Free Tier Monthly Price
  • North America
  • Europe
100GB per month free $0.02 per GB
  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • Oceania
  • South America
30GB per month free $0.04 per GB
  • India
30 GB per month free $0.12 per GB


Community support is included for all customers, regardless of usage level.

Email support is included with our paid plans: Plan Pricing

For more about Support, see: Support at