Resource Pricing

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How it works services are billed per organization. Every organization is on a plan. If you want to scale beyond your plan, then you can upgrade, or just pay for what you need at the usage-based pricing listed below.

Organizations are administrative entities on that let you add members, share app development environments, and manage billing separately. Billing is based on the resources provisioned for your apps, pro-rated for the time they are provisioned.


Check out our plans and plan pricing.

Every organization belongs to a plan. When you create a new organization, it starts on the Pay As You Go plan. If you need more support or compliance options, then you can upgrade to a Launch, Scale, or Enterprise plan.

Some usage is included with our Hobby (deprecated), Launch, Scale, and Enterprise plans. You can upgrade your plan at any time, or just pay for extra usage at the usage-based prices listed below.

Organizations may be subject to automated scaling limits to prevent abuse or to help with capacity planning. Email the address in the error message if you run into such a limit and it’s getting in your way.

All plans require a credit card on file. For plan details, or to select a different plan, see Plan Pricing.

New sign-ups

When you sign up for a account, we create a default (“personal”) organization for you on the Pay As You Go plan.

Discontinued plans

The paid Hobby plan and the Legacy Hobby plan are not available for new sign-ups.

If you signed up for the now deprecated $5/month Hobby plan before the release of the Pay As You Go plan, you got a one-time $5 free trial credit to let you test-drive at no cost. When the free trial credit is used up, we automatically place your organization on the $5/month Hobby plan, which includes $5/month of usage and free allowances. There are no free allowances during the free trial. We’ll send you an email when your free trial credit is used up and you won’t be charged before that. The free trial credit doesn’t expire and applies only to the default (“personal”) organization that we created for you on sign-up.

To change your plan to the Pay As You Go plan, go to the Organizations page in the dashboard, click the organization name to change, then click Choose Pay As You Go. If you change your plan, you won’t be able to return to the paid Hobby Plan.

Legacy Hobby plan

If you were on the free Hobby plan at the time that the paid Hobby plan became the default for new organizations, your plan is now called the Legacy Hobby plan. Your costs stay the same as they were, with no monthly subscription fee, and no included usage beyond the free resource allowances.

If you change your plan, you won’t be able to return to the Legacy Hobby Plan.

Free allowances

There are no free allowances on the Pay As You Go plan or during free trial of the deprecated paid Hobby plan.

Resources included for free on the Hobby (deprecated), Launch, and Scale plans:

  • Up to 3 shared-cpu-1x 256mb VMs
  • 3GB persistent volume storage (total)
  • Outbound data transfer:
    • 100 GB North America & Europe
    • 30 GB Asia Pacific, Oceania & South America
    • 30 GB Africa & India

Additional resources are billed at the usage-based pricing detailed below.


We charge for started and stopped Machines differently. Attached GPUs are charged separately. For more details about how costs are calculated, see Machine billing.

Started Fly Machines

Machines pricing is changing!

On July 1st, we’re beginning a phased roll-out of per-region pricing. For the first month, prices will remain the same, but the lines on your invoice will be broken down by region. Each subsequent month, prices will be increase by 25% of the difference between the price in iad and the price listed for the region, until the listed price is reached in November.

The price of a running Fly Machine VM is the price of a named CPU/RAM preset, plus about $5 per 30 days per GB of additional RAM.

Here’s the pricing for named presets and a few standard additional RAM configurations:

CPU(s) RAM Price/second Price/hour Price/month
shared-cpu-1x 1 shared 256MB $0.00000075 $0.0027 $1.94
512MB $0.00000123 $0.0044 $3.19
1GB $0.00000220 $0.0079 $5.70
2GB $0.00000413 $0.0149 $10.70
shared-cpu-2x 2 shared 512MB $0.00000150 $0.0054 $3.89
1GB $0.00000246 $0.0089 $6.39
2GB $0.00000440 $0.0158 $11.39
4GB $0.00000826 $0.0297 $21.40
shared-cpu-4x 4 shared 1GB $0.00000300 $0.0108 $7.78
2GB $0.00000493 $0.0177 $12.78
4GB $0.00000879 $0.0316 $22.78
8GB $0.00001651 $0.0594 $42.79
shared-cpu-8x 8 shared 2GB $0.00000600 $0.0216 $15.55
4GB $0.00000986 $0.0355 $25.56
8GB $0.00001758 $0.0633 $45.57
16GB $0.00003302 $0.1189 $85.59
performance-1x 1 performance 2GB $0.00001196 $0.0431 $31.00
4GB $0.00001582 $0.0570 $41.01
8GB $0.00002354 $0.0847 $61.02
performance-2x 2 performance 4GB $0.00002392 $0.0861 $62.00
8GB $0.00003164 $0.1139 $82.01
16GB $0.00004708 $0.1695 $122.03
performance-4x 4 performance 8GB $0.00004784 $0.1722 $124.00
16GB $0.00006328 $0.2278 $164.02
32GB $0.00009416 $0.3390 $244.06
performance-8x 8 performance 16GB $0.00009568 $0.3444 $248.00
32GB $0.00012656 $0.4556 $328.04
64GB $0.00018832 $0.6780 $488.13
performance-16x 16 performance 32GB $0.00019136 $0.6889 $496.01
64GB $0.00025312 $0.9112 $656.09
128GB $0.00037664 $1.3559 $976.25

Stopped Fly Machines

For stopped Machines we charge only for the root file system (rootfs) needed for each Machine. Each 1GB of rootfs for a Machine stopped for 30 days is $0.15. The amount of rootfs needed is defined by your OCI image generated on your app plus a few containerd tweaks on the underlying file system.

GPUs and Fly Machines

Pricing for a GPU-enabled Fly Machine is the price of a standard Fly Machine (see above) plus the price of the attached GPU. Like Machines, GPUs are billed by the second when the attached Machine is running.

On-demand GPU pricing:

  • A10: $1.50/hr per GPU
  • L40S: $2.50/hr per GPU
  • A100 40G PCIe: $2.50/hr per GPU
  • A100 80G SXM: $3.50/hr per GPU

Usage terms:

  • No minimum usage requirements.
  • Customizable CPU, RAM, and storage options.

Reserved and dedicated options:

  • Discounted rates for reserved GPU Machines and dedicated hosts.

Persistent Storage Volumes

Fly Volumes are local persistent storage for Machines.

  • $0.15/GB per month of provisioned capacity

Volume billing is pro-rated to the hour.

You’ll be charged for volumes that you create, whether they are attached to a Machine or not, including when an attached Machine is stopped.

Network prices

Anycast IP addresses

Each application receives a shared IPv4 address and unlimited Anycast IPv6 addresses for global load balancing.

Dedicated IPv4 addresses are $2/mo.

Managed SSL certificates

We use Lets Encrypt to issue certificates, and donate half of our SSL fees to them at the end of each calendar year.

  • Single hostname certificates: $0.10/mo
  • Wildcard certificates: $1/mo

Data transfer pricing

Inbound data transfer is free.

We bill for data leaving your app destined for the public internet or for apps or Machines in other regions.

You’re billed for data transfer to the public Internet and between regions on your private network:

  • data egress to the Internet, from Machine to edge server to Internet
  • data transfer over private network between regions, from Machine to edge server and edge server to Machine
  • data transfer to some extensions like Supabase or Upstash Redis (excludes Tigris Object Storage)

You’re not billed for the following types of traffic:

  • all inbound data transfer
  • data transfer between apps or Machines in the same region (for organizations created after July 18 2024)
  • data transfer from apps without an assigned IP address (for organizations created before July 18 2024)
  • data transfer to Tigris Object Storage pricing is per region group for outbound data transfer. You’ll see a more detailed breakdown of cost per region and per traffic type on your monthly invoice.

Important: Organizations created after July 18 2024 are billed at a different rate for private network data transfer between regions, per the following table. Organizations created before July 18 2024 are billed for all data transfer (excluding that listed as free above) at the “Egress to public internet” rate.

Region groups Egress to public internet cost Private network cross-region transfer cost
- North America
- Europe
$0.02 per GB $0.006 per GB
- Asia Pacific
- Oceania
- South America
$0.04 per GB $0.015 per GB
- Africa
- India
$0.12 per GB $0.050 per GB

Fly Kubernetes

Fly Kubernetes (FKS) is a managed Kubernetes service that runs on

Extensions offers managed services operated by third parties, such as Tigris Object Storage, Supabase Postgres and Upstash Redis.

When you provision their services, you become their customer, and you pay their list prices via your monthly bill. Charges are updated daily in your dashboard.

You will not be billed separately for:

  • Machines running the services, which are hosted in the provider’s account
  • IP addresses associated with the service
  • Bandwidth to Tigris Object Storage

You will be billed separately for data transfer to services other than Tigris Object Storage. See our data transfer pricing for details.

LiteFS Cloud

LiteFS Cloud will be retired October 15, 2024. LiteFS itself is not affected by the retirement of the LiteFS Cloud service. Learn more about how to disconnect from LiteFS Cloud and other options for disaster recovery in our community post: Sunsetting LiteFS Cloud.

LiteFS Cloud is a service that provides streaming backups and point-in-time restore for your SQLite-based applications that use LiteFS.

  • $5 per month for up to 10GB of database storage.
  • Additional $0.50/GB per month for database storage above 10GB.


Community support is included for all customers, regardless of usage level.

Email support is included with our Launch, Scale, and Enterprise plans.

For more about Support, see Support at