Fly App Pricing

Fly application services are billed based on actual resources in use. It's designed to be cheap to start, and scale reasonably well for high volume applications.

If our pricing model doesn't fit your workload, please let us know! In general we should be competitive with AWS / Google Cloud / Azure.

Free for side projects

We want you to be able to run your hobby and side projects for free, so we give each user $10/mo of service credit that automatically applies to any paid service. And, since you can run really small virtual machines, credits will go a long way.


CPU and Memory tiers
TypeCPURAMPer secondMonthly (approx)
cpu1mem11 CPU1024MB$0.000013318$35
cpu2mem22 CPU2048MB$0.000026636$70
cpu4mem44 CPU4096MB$0.000053272$140
cpu8mem88 CPU8192MB$0.000106545$280

Note: We scale processes based on concurrent connections. By default, we scale for every 20 connections per CPU. This is configurable per application.

Network prices

IP addresses

You can route global IP addresses to your applications.

  • Dedicated global IPv6 Routing: free
  • Dedicated global IPv4 Routing: $18/month
  • Shared global IPv4 Routing: free
Managed SSL certificates

We use Lets Encrypt to issue certificates, and donate half of our SSL fees to them at the end of each calendar year.

  • Single hostname certificates: $0.10/mo
  • Wildcard certificates: $2/mo
Outbound data transfer

Billed per GB, inbound data transfer is free:

TierUS and EuropeSydneyTokyoSingaporeHong Kong
First 10TB$0.085$0.12$0.12$0.14$0.14
Next 50TB$0.08$0.105$0.105$0.12$0.12
Over 50TB$0.07$0.09$0.105$0.105$0.105


Email based support is included for all customers, regardless of usage level.

We offer volume discounts and paid support plans with SLA guarantees as well.