Live tail logs

You can quickly live tail logs in your dashboard or using the fly logs command.

Use flyctl to view logs in your terminal

The fly logs command prints the most recent app logs and then tails the current logs in real-time. This is useful for watching logs during deployment or when running other commands. You can open a new terminal window and run this command in an app’s source directory, or use the --app option to specify an app:

fly logs --app my-app-name

The logs continue to output until you close the terminal or stop it, for example with with ctrl + c.

You can filter the log output by Machine or region. For example, use the Machine ID with the --instance option to see logs for that Machine only:

fly logs --instance <machine id>

See the fly logs help or docs for option details.

Use flyctl to activate debug logging for a command

LOG_LEVEL=debug prints all the logs into the console as a command runs. To activate debug logging for fly deploy run:

LOG_LEVEL=debug fly deploy

Use the dashboard to view logs

To view recent and live tail app logs in the dashboard, go to the Live Logs page. From there, you can use the dropdowns to filter logs by region or instance (Machine).

You can also view specific Machine logs. Go to Machines, click a Machine, and then click the Machine logs icon.