Run Your Entire Stack Near Your Users

Deploy your project in a few minutes on the Fly Apps Platform. Manage your worker processes alongside your web server. Back it with a Fly Postgres app, or bring your own exotic database. Whatever supporting infrastructure you need! It's all just VMs.

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Grow at Your Own Pace

flyctl helps you herd VMs, but puts the power in your hands.

Scale locally, or put your app next to your users in ten more cities. Either way, it's one command. Add CPU oomph or RAM, again with one command. Pay for what you use, and have your VMs stop when they're idle, so you don't use more than you need.

Color Outside the Lines

The Fly Apps platform-as-a-service is there to make your apps easy to launch and manage. When you outgrow its opinions, micromanage your app VMs with fly machines commands, or drop down a level of abstraction to the Machines API. Launch tiny, fast-booting VMs from your app! The perfect way to run user code, or try that sketchy Typescript snippet ChatGPT suggested.

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Draw Your Own Lines

Go ahead and build your own cloud on top of Fly Machines! Did we mention it's all just VMs? features don't care what shape your project takes. A powerful CLI, remote Docker builds, private networking, persistent storage, logging, metrics, secrets management, load balancing, certs, autoscaling, dynamic request's all available, whatever scale and complexity you're working with.