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Need support? We can help! Here's where to look. Status

For platform-wide issues and updates, please view our status page.

Community Forum

Who can use this: Everyone

Use this for: General questions, troubleshooting advice, best practices, and sharing tips with other Fly users.

All customers have access to our active community forum. We're in the forums regularly to help out with customer issues and post new feature announcements.

Customers also frequently help each other out and share insights on running their apps on Fly. Especially helpful contributors can earn a special "Aeronaut" badge to signify their troubleshooting prowess, great advice, and exceptional kindness.

Email Support

Who can use this: Customers with paid plans

Use this for: Issues or questions specific to you.

Customers on Launch, Scale, and Enterprise plans have access to email support. These plans come with an organization-specific address for emailing support questions, typically <org-name>

Your support address is in the dashboard. Select your organization, and look for your Support email address in the Billing section.

Other Questions?

For questions about a specific invoice or account management issues, email us at