Billing for is monthly per organization. Organizations are administrative entities that enable you to add members, share app development environments, and manage billing separately.

If you provision services beyond the free allowances, we will charge you actual money at the end of each month.

Refer to our Pricing page for resource cost details.

View invoices

You can view and download invoices from the Billing section of your dashboard for each organization.

To download a past invoice, click View for the relevant cycle. You’ll be sent to the Stripe billing portal where you’ll have the option to download the invoice.

Volume billing

Volume billing is pro-rated to the hour and we subtract the free allowances first. For details, see Volume pricing.

If you create a volume, you will be charged for it. You’re billed for volumes that aren’t attached to Machines, and for volumes that are attached to Machines in any state, including stopped Machines.

You aren’t billed for the 5 days worth of daily volume snapshots that we store for you by default.

Machine billing

Machines are billed based on the number of CPUs and the RAM used, according to the Machine state and the time they are running (started).

For example, “1x Shared 1024MB” is one CPU and 1024 MB RAM. To estimate costs, multiply the the price of “shared-cpu-1x” by the number of CPUs used and the number of seconds the Machine was running (price x cpu count x seconds). Then add charges for any extra RAM. Note that we subtract the free allowances first and that pricing is tiered based on usage. For details, see Compute pricing.

Payment options

We process payments through Stripe. Paid plans and monthly invoicing require a credit card or credits.

How we use credit cards

We require an active, valid credit card on file for most accounts to do things like deploying multiple apps and deploying public images. This is primarily a means to prevent abuse and ensure that we can collect payment at the end of the month.

Preauthorization Requests

We may send a preauthorization request to the issuing bank to verify a bank will authorize charges. Some credit card companies present these as real charges, which may surprise you.

A preauth is really just a hold on a credit card; it is not a real charge. We’ll typically preauthorize a small amount (usually less than $5) after signup, then cancel the authorization immediately. Banks may show the preauth for up to 7 days, even though we have not collected any money.

If you don’t have a credit card

While a credit card is the preferred payment method, if you don’t have one, then you can add credits to your account. You can purchase credits from the Billing section of the dashboard in various amounts (minimum purchase $25). Your usage cost is subtracted from the credit balance each month.

Prepaid cards

You can’t use a prepaid card as a default (or saved) payment method. You can, however, use a prepaid card to add credits to your account.

Understand charges beyond the free allowances

The prices of provisioned services are mostly fixed. If you provision Machines and leave them running all month, we’ll charge you a predictable amount for that machine.

A common reason for additional charges is extra RAM usage.

For a breakdown of charges, check out your invoice in the Billing section of the dashboard.

We’re happy to discuss a refund if you do create compute resources by mistake, or if your app receives unexpected traffic due to an attack and generates a surprisingly large bill. Just send an email to