The platform runs applications physically close to users: in datacenters around the world, on servers we run ourselves. We currently have servers in 21 regions: Regions

Region ID Region Location Gateway
ams Amsterdam, Netherlands
cdg Paris, France
dfw Dallas, Texas (US)
ewr Secaucus, NJ (US)
fra Frankfurt, Germany
gru São Paulo
hkg Hong Kong, Hong Kong
iad Ashburn, Virginia (US)
lax Los Angeles, California (US)
lhr London, United Kingdom
maa Chennai (Madras), India
mad Madrid, Spain
mia Miami, Florida (US)
nrt Tokyo, Japan
ord Chicago, Illinois (US)
scl Santiago, Chile
sea Seattle, Washington (US)
sin Singapore
sjc Sunnyvale, California (US)
syd Sydney, Australia
yyz Toronto, Canada

Discovering Your Application's Region

You can see the list of regions any time with fly platform regions.

You can see which regions your app is running in with fly status.

View and manage your app's region pool with fly regions. See Scaling and Autoscaling for more about regions and scaling. storage volumes are tied to the region they're created in.

When an application instance is started, the three-letter name for the region it's running in is stored in the VM's FLY_REGION environment variable. This, along with other Runtime Enviroment information, is visible to your app running on that instance.