Regions runs applications physically close to users: in datacenters around the world, on servers we run ourselves. You can currently deploy your apps in 38 regions, connected to a global Anycast network that makes sure your users hit our nearest server, whether they’re in Tokyo, São Paulo, or Amsterdam.

Run fly platform regions to get a list of regions.

Map showing the balloon in 34 locations across a world map Regions

You can host your apps in any of the following regions.

Region ID Region Location Gateway Launch Plan or Higher
ams Amsterdam, Netherlands
arn Stockholm, Sweden
atl Atlanta, Georgia (US)
bog Bogotá, Colombia
bom Mumbai, India
bos Boston, Massachusetts (US)
cdg Paris, France
den Denver, Colorado (US)
dfw Dallas, Texas (US)
ewr Secaucus, NJ (US)
eze Ezeiza, Argentina
fra Frankfurt, Germany
gdl Guadalajara, Mexico
gig Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
gru Sao Paulo, Brazil
hkg Hong Kong, Hong Kong
iad Ashburn, Virginia (US)
jnb Johannesburg, South Africa
lax Los Angeles, California (US)
lhr London, United Kingdom
mad Madrid, Spain
mia Miami, Florida (US)
nrt Tokyo, Japan
ord Chicago, Illinois (US)
otp Bucharest, Romania
phx Phoenix, Arizona (US)
qro Querétaro, Mexico
scl Santiago, Chile
sea Seattle, Washington (US)
sin Singapore, Singapore
sjc San Jose, California (US)
syd Sydney, Australia
waw Warsaw, Poland
yul Montreal, Canada
yyz Toronto, Canada
  • Gateway regions: “Gateway” regions also have WireGuard gateways, through which you connect to your organization’s private network.
  • Launch Plan or higher regions: For some higher-demand regions, we restrict scaling up Machines to organizations with the Launch, Scale, or Enterprise plans.

Edge-only regions

Edge servers receive inbound traffic from the Internet destined for apps on the platform and private traffic between Machines in different regions. Fly Proxy routes traffic from edges to regional worker servers. Edge-only regions don’t have any workers and therefore aren’t available for app deployment.

Region ID Region Location
dxb Dubai, United Arab Emirates
ist Istanbul, Turkey
mel Melbourne, Australia

You might see an edge-only region code on your invoices for egress bandwidth or in the Fly-Region request header.

Discovering your app’s region

View the list of regions with fly platform regions.

You can see which regions your app is running in with fly status.

Fly Volumes and Fly Machines are tied to the region they’re created in.

When an application instance is started, the three-letter name for the region it’s running in is stored in the Machine’s FLY_REGION environment variable. This, along with other Runtime Environment information, is visible to your app running on that instance.