Quickstart: Launch your app

Welcome to Fly Launch. Fly Launch works with a Dockerfile or scans and configures apps for most common languages and frameworks.

To deploy your app on Fly.io for the first time:

  1. Install flyctl – the open-source Fly.io CLI.

  2. Create an account with fly auth signup or log in with fly auth login.

  3. Run fly launch from inside your project source directory to create, configure, and (for most apps) deploy a new application.

  4. If prompted, run fly deploy to deploy your new app (or to redeploy after changes!).

Next steps

  1. Run fly status to show the status of your app and Machines.
  2. Run fly apps open to open your app in your browser.
  3. Learn the essentials about Fly Launch and Fly Machines.
Illustration by Annie Ruygt of Frankie the Fly.io hot air balloon character pointing at a set of stairs

Grow and scale

Check out some of the ways you can increase availability, capacity, and performance with Fly.io:

If you have questions, need help, or want to talk about what you’re building, visit our community forum.