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Write, run, and test Edge Applications with the open source Fly runtime. When you're ready to ship, deploy to our global hosting infrastructure with a single command.

Source codeHosting
# Build an app
$ npm install -g @fly/fly
$ fly new fly-example -t getting-started
index.js — ~/fly-example
fly.http.respondWith(()=> new Response("Hello World"))
# Run it and view http://localhost:3000 in your browser $ fly server fly-example # Deploy it $ fly --app [app_name] deploy

Quickstart Applications

The Fly balloon mascot showing edge application hosting sites all around the globe

Edge application hostingReach your users

Deploy your app to our infrastructure and we’ll route your users to the nearest of our globally-distributed datacenters. Our app servers connect them to your JavaScript environment in under 1ms. Your code does the rest.

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Deploy to productionFast and easy

Feel free to read about our pricing structure. When you're comfy, give us your email address and we’ll get you started.

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We’ve got some pretty amazing customers

Fly is trusted by your favorite companies to serve thousands of hostnames and millions of requests every single day.

We wanted to do things you just can't do with a normal CDN. Then we found With their programmable CDN, our Font Awesome assets are faster and easier to control. We love it.

— Dave Gandy, Font Awesome
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Features to help you get the job done

Our Edge Application runtime works like most modern application frameworks—tools for development + testing and powerful APIs for solving problems at the Edge.

Hostname API spot graphic

All-powerful hostname APIRoute with ease

  • Add unlimited hostnames with a simple POST method
  • Give all your customers their own hostname with SSL
  • Wildcard hostnames
Modern JavaScript spot graphic

Familiar modern JavaScript syntaxUse what you know

  • Use all the async/await goodness available in ES2017
  • Target the same APIs you use in the browser: fetch, Response, Request, Streams, and more
  • Import other peoples’ modules for faster development
Edge API spot graphic

Lightning quick Edge LibrariesTake control

  • Use @fly/cache to deliver ultra-snappy http requests
  • Resize, crop, and edit images using our @fly/image library
  • Modify content on every request: rewrite html, compress assets, etc.
Development environment spot graphic

Fully-featured dev environmentJam-packed toolbox

  • Develop, run, and test locally using fly deploy/test
  • Staging and production environments
  • Build an integrated continuous integration pipeline

Our awesome community partners

Open source is critical to building and shipping on the web, and we support our community by sponsoring the projects that keep us going.

  • Crystal is a general-purpose, open-source, object-oriented programming language. It is actively developed by more than 300 contributors, and promises to be as fast as C, yet as slick as Ruby.

    Learn more  →
  • Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority, run for the public’s benefit. It provides people with the digital certificates they need in order to enable HTTPS for websites.

    Learn more  →

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