Improve your application delivery

Accelerate applications, learn more about your visitors, and ship faster with pre-built middleware.

Route requests across apps graphic

Route requests across apps

Send visitors to different backend applications with powerful routing rules. You can see this feature in action right now — this site is a self hosted static application, our docs site is a Github Page, and we run our application on Kubernetes.

Ship faster with powerful middleware graphic

Ship faster with powerful middleware

Enable Fly middleware to speed up your development. You can use this to add geolocation features to your applications (we send geodata through a header!). Or, detect visitors’ connection speeds and send them optimized content. And, if you’re a G-Suite user with an administrative application for employees? Add the Google Authentication middleware and restrict it to only your employees.

Load balancing done right graphic

Load balancing done right

Deploy apps through our global load balancer with minimal shenanigans. All Fly-enabled applications get free SSL certificates, accept traffic through our global network of datacenters, and encrypt all traffic from visitors through to application servers.

Simple, transparent pricing graphic

Simple, transparent pricing

Our pricing is predictable and easy to understand. The first 50,000 requests each month are free. After that, we charge $0.05 per 1,000 requests. Paid middleware varies in price — but middleware marked "beta" is free.