Fly Makes You Faster

Spread your wings with an Application Delivery Network.
Faster apps, simpler tools, happier visitors.

Fly takes an application hosted in one location and hosts it from many locations; encrypted, global load balancing goodness.

The Application Delivery Network

Fly is a platform that helps you build and launch dynamic applications to users around the world. It's a bit like a global load balancer, a smart reverse proxy, a library of powerful Middleware -- all sorts of fancy things! Woven together, it's a fast, powerful, and intuitive network that creators like you control.

Many applications like GitHub, Ghost Blog, Squarespace, Olark, Amazon S3, on One Hostname to Rule Them All

One Hostname to Rule Them All

Your hostname is your homebase. It's how your visitors recognize your brand and the foundation upon which creators can weave their backends, services, and applications. With Fly, you can attach, route to, and swap around your: containers, Heroku applications, GitHub Pages, Kubernetes clusters, third-party services, serverless functions, and more, all without pain or down-time.

With one API call, you can receive an HTTPS custom hostname for your users.

Unique Hostnames for Your Customers

The Fly API transforms API calls into signed SSL certificates. If your application allows users to bring their own hostname, we can wrap it in HTTPS in no time -- it's just one call. Let us worry about routing, automatically renewing SSL certificates, and DNS. You keep shipping features, we'll handle the rest.

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