Deploy App Servers
Close to Your Users

Run your full stack apps (and databases!) all over the world. No ops required.

Try It For Free

> Install flyctl on GNU/Linux
$ curl -L | sh

> Ship a Docker image
$ flyctl deploy
> Run it on three continents
$ flyctl regions add ams hkg sjc

We have the hardware

Purpose-Built Cloud

We run physical servers in cities close to your users. As close to the metal as you can get without paying shipping.

Leaflet Stamen

Fresh Baked Feature

PostgreSQL Clusters

Launch highly available PostgreSQL clusters with a single command and a generous free tier. Create read replicas in different cities.

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Hot-n-Ready Favorites

  • CPU, Memory, and Storage on Tap
    Provision exactly what you need to make your apps fly. Pay only for what you use.
  • Batteries Included Networking
    Zero configuration private networking and global load balancing.
  • Metrics and Alerting
    The plumbing you need to sleep at night. Pretty graphs for morning coffee.
  • SSL At Any Scale
    Add certificates for your own purposes, or a million for your customers.

Some Things You Can Do

  • A man writing code on a vintage desktop computer

    Build a Social Music App

    Accomplish this with just Phoenix and LiveView, in a shockingly small amount of code.

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  • A speedball in front of a computer interface

    Run a Remix Application

    Get a Remix application packaged and running globally on Fly infrastructure.

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  • A hand holding scissors and cutting out paper for a scrapbook

    Deploy a Phoenix Application

    Learn how to deploy an Elixir Phoenix app on Fly and connect it to a PostgreSQL database.

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  • A smartphone flying through the air with an app on its screen

    Turbocharge Your Heroku Apps

    Upgrade your Heroku application with Fly and get 60% faster web dynos in a snap.

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We’ve got you covered

Use the Tech You Love

Build with your favorite framework, ship on If you can build it into a Dockerfile, we can run it.

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