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A Classic Zelda Reference

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone!

Here's what we bring to the table: the most flexible and powerful compute platform on any public cloud. Fly Machines are hardware-virtualized containers, running on our own hardware, that launch instantly and run exactly as long as you want them to — for a single HTTP request, or for weeks of uptime. What you bring is: almost everything else.

  • Databases

    Our users choose because they care about performance and data locality, and they're sold on managed databases.

  • Developer Tools

    Code checkers, exception handlers, telemetry, profilers; if it runs on Linux, it'll run here, and be catnip for our users.

  • Web Security & Performance

    Our Anycast routing architecture makes it easy to roll out filters, caches, service mesh proxies, and firewalls.

  • Storage Solutions

    Our platform offers fast attached storage. There's so much more to build on top of that, from object storage to distributed filesystems.

Even the Haters Admit It

We're Pretty Good at Devrel

If there's one thing everyone agrees we do well, it's telling a story about technology. Our team loves this stuff and it shows. Whatever you're building, it probably makes our story more interesting, and we want to talk about it.

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From deep-dive blog posts to PR comms, we're building a marketing practice that scales with our platform, and yours. Your story makes our story better; let's tell it together.

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