Speedrun! Deploying to Fly!

You have an application you want to deploy on Fly? You already know your stuff? Specifically Docker? Good!

If not, head to our hands-on for Docker images or guides for Go and Node applications.

Start your speed run now

  • Install Flyctl - you'll need it.
  • Sign up/Log in to Fly - run flyctl auth signup to create an account or flyctl auth login to log in.
  • Run flyctl init - let Fly generate you a name (recommended) or enter one of your own. When asked for a builder, select Image to use a public Docker image, Dockerfile to use your own Dockerfile, or use one of the builtin quick builders for Go, Node, Ruby or Deno code.
  • Run flyctl deploy - Fly will deploy your application.
  • Run flyctl info - Fly will show you the hostname where your app is deployed.
  • Run flyctl open - Fly will open your browser direct it to your app.

Point your browser or other app at that hostname. That's your app running globally.

The Fly balloon mascot riding a jet pack into the sky