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Scale runs its own hardware. We’re not an API layer on an existing public cloud. That means we have fine-grained control over workloads, and it means we can use hardware virtualization to securely isolate apps from each other. But it also means we control our network uplinks, which is how we efficiently scale apps globally.

  • Spookily easy high-availability configurations
  • Sub-100ms response times in most world markets
  • Fast attached storage with zero-config backups


We offer round-the-clock support with dedicated teams for customer support and infra operations. is a distributed company operating in most of the world’s time zones. Support scales with your needs, from priority email technical support to SLAs and guaranteed response times.

  • 24/7 monitoring and health checks
  • Emergency support and escalation
  • Custom usage and integrations available

Security is deeply committed to security. Our platform is hardened by design, with full hardware virtualization, a memory-safe stack (including a Rust hypervisor), end-to-end encryption with WireGuard, memory-safe SSH, and TLS 1.3. We have a dedicated security team with decades of software security experience at NCC Group, Matasano, Latacora, and GitHub. We do regular third-party audits. We’re SOC2 Type 2 attested and HIPAA-ready. We are not messing around with this stuff.

  • OIDC Single-sign-on and MFA
  • Hardware-isolated (no shared cores or memory) secret storage
  • Standard security questionnaire available

Infrastructure Integration

We integrate easily into CI/CD pipelines, so you can deploy automatically from git merges, including minimally-privileged deploy tokens for hosted deployment platforms like GitHub Actions. We do Prometheus metrics (and you can export your own to integrate with our feed) with dashboards and alerting, logging, and configurable health checks. All this stuff is ready out of the box, and it all integrates with the prod infrastructure you already have.

  • Deploy from GitHub and GitLab
  • Log-shipping to get your app logs into your central log system
  • Standard metrics you can plug into your existing Grafana setup
  • Extensible and scripted health checks

No Lock-In

The basic idea behind is simple: we take standard OCI (Docker) containers and run them as VMs. That’s why we can speedrun most applications: if it works in a container, it works here. Our core features are built on standard protocols: HTTP/2, IPv6, WireGuard, and DNS. So if it works here, it’s going to work on the big public clouds, too. No code rewrites getting in, no code rewrites getting out.

  • Docker and OCI container integration
  • Open-source Postgres and SQLite clusters