fly logs

View application logs as generated by the application running on the Fly platform.

Logs can be filtered to a specific instance using the –instance/-i flag or to all instances running in a specific region using the –region/-r flag.

By default logs are continually streamed until the command is aborted. Use –no-tail to only fetch the logs in the buffer.


fly logs [flags]


  -a, --app string        Application name
  -c, --config string     Path to application configuration file
  -h, --help              help for logs
  -i, --instance string   Filter by instance ID
  -j, --json              JSON output
  -n, --no-tail           Do not continually stream logs
  -r, --region string     The target region (see 'flyctl platform regions')

Global Options

  -t, --access-token string   Fly API Access Token
      --debug                 Print additional logs and traces
      --verbose               Verbose output

See Also

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