flyctl secrets

Manage app secrets


Manage application secrets with the set and unset commands.

Secrets are provided to applications at runtime as ENV variables. Names are case sensitive and stored as-is, so ensure names are appropriate for the application and vm environment.


flyctl secrets [command] [flags]

Available Commands

  • import - Read secrets in name=value from stdin
  • list - Lists the secrets available to the app
  • set - Set one or more encrypted secrets for an app
  • unset - Remove encrypted secrets from an app


  -a, --app string      App name to operate on
  -c, --config string   Path to an app config file or directory containing one (default "./fly.toml")
  -h, --help            help for secrets

Global Options

  -t, --access-token string   Fly API Access Token
  -j, --json                  json output
      --verbose               verbose output

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