Commands that manage machines


flyctl machine [command] [flags]

Available Commands

  • api-proxy - Establish a proxy to the Machine API through a Wireguard tunnel for local connections
  • clone - Clone a Fly machine
  • destroy - Destroy a Fly machine
  • exec - Execute a command on a machine
  • kill - Kill (SIGKILL) a Fly machine
  • leases - Manage machine leases
  • list - List Fly machines
  • restart - Restart one or more Fly machines
  • run - Run a machine
  • start - Start one or more Fly machines
  • status - Show current status of a running machine
  • stop - Stop one or more Fly machines
  • update - Update a machine


  -h, --help   help for machine

Global Options

  -t, --access-token string   Fly API Access Token
  -j, --json                  json output
      --verbose               verbose output

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