Getting started

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This section of the docs is all about getting you up and running quickly.

Follow Hands-on which takes you through creating an account, installing flyctl, the command-line tool, and launching a simple demo app.

If you’d rather jump right in, try Speedrun to launch your own app fast.

Once that’s done, check out our in-depth docs:

  • Language & Framework Guides: Comprehensive and starter guides for your favorite languages and frameworks.
  • Migrate from Heroku: See how you’d move an existing Rails app and supporting services from Heroku to
  • Fly Launch: You’ve tried the fly launch command. Now learn how to use all the Fly Launch features that help you manage and run your apps.
  • Databases & Storage: Options for persistent data storage on the Fly Platform
  • Fly Machines: Go deeper with our VMs, and use them to run your projects and tasks.
  • Reference: The details of how the Fly Platform works.