Plan Pricing

Our plans are designed to let you run small projects with predictable pricing, added functionality & increased support as your apps scale. All plans have included usage allowances & are billed at standard rates after they are exceeded.


Let's build things
$ 5  /mo
+ Usage

Great for side projects, test environments, or projects with a small team. Run basic full-stack apps close to your users.

  • $5 /mo usage included

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Let's get serious
$ 29  /mo
+ Usage

The Launch plan gives you enough resources to run high availability workloads with dedicated VMs, and includes email support.

  • $29 /mo usage included

  • Email support

  • Access to deploy to higher-demand regions

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Onward and upward
$ 199  /mo
+ Usage

The Scale plan is for multi-region, high-availability workloads, and for organizations with specific compliance requirements (e.g. HIPAA). Includes features from Launch.

  • $199 /mo usage included

  • Priority Email Support

  • HIPAA/BAA support

  • Standard security questionnaire

  • Access to deploy to higher-demand regions

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To the moon

Enterprise plans can help with larger workloads that have custom resource configurations, special compliance needs, or SLA requirements. Includes features from Scale.

  • Custom usage included

  • Uptime SLA

  • Emergency support

  • Guaranteed support response times

  • SOC2 report (with NDA)

  • Custom security questionnaires

  • Custom features

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