More Appkata Examples to Try on Fly

There are two new additions to our Appkata collection of example apps, one’s a secured Redis and the other is Node-RED, a powerfule online application construction kit. Try them out today!

The latest additions to our Appkata collection of example apps have landed and they cover how to fit Fly to your selected applications and are some super useful apps anyway. So let’s dive in.


Ever wanted to be able to dive into your cloud application and graphically wire up a dashboard or data transfer? You can with Node-RED, a GUI flow programming environment that hails from the world of IoT. It’s built on top of Node and has a vast library of modules so you can create flows which bridge MQTT, Redis, Graphana, and more with your own logic. Or you can turn the data into a web dashboard. It’s a powerful tool and the new Appkata guide will get it up and running quickly.

Redis with TLS

Our first set of examples included Redis as a simple service, but we wanted to give you a more solid version. Enter Redis with TLS. This uses mkcert to make it as quick and simple as possible to create TLS certificates so you can secure your Redis. It uses techniques I wrote about on the developer site


If you follow the links to, you will see that our new community site is a great place to ask questions, look for hints and tips and get your Fly apps running at their best. If you have a Fly account, sign in today. It’s easy as we’ve enabled single sign-on between Fly and the community site making it simple to participate.