Fly Changelog 1st May 2020

This is the Fly Changelog where we list all significant changes to the Fly platform, tooling and web sites. You can also use the RSS feed of just changelog posts available on or consult our dedicated ChangeLog page with all the recent updates.

Since the last ChangeLog, we’ve introduced some enhancements to flyctl which make it easier to deploy tagged local and remote images directly to Fly. There is also a new load-balancing algorithm in operation which should be more effective with widely deployed global applications.

30th April 2020

flyctl: Version 0.0.117 released

  • New flyctl auth docker command. This allows users to deploy images directly to fly by adding to the docker daemon’s authenticated registries. (Resolves #104)
  • Added --image-label to flyctl deploy enabling a specific image label to be requested at deployment time. (Resolves #110)
  • Timeout increased at end of deployment monitoring to stop erroneous No Deployment messages. (Fixes #113)
  • Modified flyctl deploy version negotiation to resolve API compatibility errors. (Fixes #112)

Fly Platform/Web

  • Added a new Open Source page which covers details of how Fly works, and will be working, with open source projects.
  • A new load balancing allocation algorithm is in place. Designed for global applications with large numbers of instances, an incoming connection will be directed to an instance from the closest least loaded service in a set of three services. Those three services will have been randomly selected from healthy services in the three nearest regions for the app.