Fly ChangeLog

22nd January

flyctl: Version 0.0.162 released

  • Fix darwin getCPUinfo warning on M1 Macs
  • More feature foundation work

15th January

flyctl: Version 0.0.161 released

  • Error message enhancement removed

14th January

flyctl: Version 0.0.160 released

  • Feature foundation work

flyctl: Version 0.0.159 released

  • Add "scale memory" command
  • Updated Cobra - zsh command completion enabled
  • Go, Ruby and Deno builtins use latest version unless overriden in settings
  • Fix bug in orgs list

6th January

flyctl: Version 0.0.158 released

  • fix Autoscale messaging
  • Fix GetVolumes and encrypted setting
  • Make volumes delete not report "volume destroyed"
  • Fix volumes help, correct default size (10GB, not 5GB)

23rd December

flyctl: Version 0.0.157 released

  • Wireguard config now includes PersistentKeepAlive
  • --encrypted flag added for volumes create command
  • volumes show support for new flag added
  • autoscaling disable command added

- ++ scale count command added

17th December

flyctl: Version 0.0.156 released

  • fly platform regions shows a checkmark against regions with gateways
  • Fix error on Windows installer when upgrading
  • remove private ops from the status display (use fly ips private)
  • Restrict WireGuard peer names to alphanumeric

15th December

flyctl: Version 0.0.155 released

  • Unhide Wireguard commands for general use
  • Updated scale help
  • On failed deployment, offer URL for troubleshooting guide

10th December

flyctl: Version 0.0.154 released

  • New VM Sizes put in place
  • fly ips private displays private IP addresses of app.

3rd December

flyctl: Version 0.0.153 released

  • Enable wireguard commands
  • show private IPs on status output
  • Fixes for init import
  • Remove prices from vm-sizes output (reference now the pricing page)

Over November

Fly Platform

  • Virtual machines: Upgraded to Firecracker v0.23.
  • Improved handling of the connections being shutdown during restarts.
  • Improved counting of connections/actions to prevent restarts causing tasks to prematurely end.
  • Fixes for slow downloads triggering timeouts.
  • Improved isolation of application's context and connections.

Fly Web

30th November

flyctl: Version 0.0.151 released

  • Deno builtin now supports Version as a setting, the default is now 1.5.4.
  • Support --json for list orgs and builtins list.
  • Crash logs now show the previous 30 lines of log
  • list apps now shows humanized time (add -e/--exact for precise time)
  • list apps now sorted by name (use --sort created to sort by creation date)
  • Removed black text from titles (User contribution: thanks @fornwall).
  • Fixes for internal port handling in init.

16th November

flyctl: Version 0.0.150 released

  • Removed logs deduplicator (no longer needed).

12th November

flyctl: Version 0.0.149 released

  • Fixed fly dash [metrics] command.

flyctl: Version 0.0.148 released

  • Improved image resolution for deployment.

11th November

flyctl: Version 0.0.147 released

  • Added secrets import (from stdin) and multiline secrets import.
  • Fixed no change in secrets false error.

4th November

flyctl: Version 0.0.146 released

  • Added progress spinner to resume.
  • Show the initial region of a new app when running fly init.
  • improved error handling when API server is not available.

27th October

flyctl: Version 0.0.145 released

  • Enhanced builtins support with settings
  • New Python/Procfile builtin available
  • Updated Deno builtin with permissions
  • Updated Static website builtin with https and logging options
  • New commands for Volumes (persistent disk support) in preview
  • init will automatically use the default org if only one org
  • init will not ask for a port when using a builtin - they already default to 8080
  • Added --watch to status to autorefresh status
  • Added --rate to --watch to control refresh rate
  • Logging out now checks in case environment variables are set which contain API tokens
  • Fixed wildcard domain support in certs command

22nd October

Fly Platform/Web

  • Environment variable settings in app config enabled

30th September

flyctl: Version 0.0.144 released

  • We've changed the commands for managing our upcoming domain support: domains and dns-records are subcommands for the functionality. Background and details on the preview in the feature preview
  • A new init —nowrite option has been added which allows an app to be created without overwriting the current fly.toml. This allows multiple deployments under different app names (new alternate app names are recorded in fly.alias)
  • Builtins now avoid using Alpine as a base image due to reported DNS instability in the Alpine release
  • The Deno builder no longer requires a deps.ts file.

17th September

flyctl: Version 0.0.143 released

  • version update command added - automatically downloads and installs the latest version.
  • Docker authentication used to log into Docker hub if present.
  • Add a Windows build script
  • Powershell-based Windows 10 installer
  • Listing of failing allocations in the status monitor is now more effective
  • Cleaner display of failed allocations when watching allocations
  • Cleaner table views of builtins (more content and fewer lines)
  • Version parsing made more reliable and permissive

15th September

flyctl: Version 0.0.142 released

  • Fixed fly//flyctl links in homebrew formula

14th September

flyctl: Version 0.0.141 released

  • Node builtin: Now performs a npm run build if a build step exists.
  • New staticplus builtin added for custom domains.
  • Added --overwrite flag to fly init to always overwrite fly.toml when creating an app.
  • flyctl can also be run as fly now and a symlink is created in the installer to allow both versions to be used. The plan is to transition to fly in the future.
  • Requirement for app-name made more consistent across commands.
  • Fix flagging of pre-release versions in the installer.
  • Builtins now note they use internal port 8080 in their documentation.
  • 32-bit builds are no longer created for Fly CLI releases.

27th August

flyctl: Version 0.0.140 released

  • Deployments now say, at the very end, if there was an allocation failure even when a rollback has taken place
  • Restart counts in allocations are now more accurate

25th August

flyctl: Version 0.0.139 released.

  • fix issue with builtin init.

Fly Platform/Web

  • Updated documentation in sync with new flyctl.

24th August

flyctl: Version 0.0.138 released

  • Added flyctl builtins and flyctl builtins list.
  • Added flyctl builtins show.
  • Added images as an option to builder selection.
  • Added --image as flag to flyctl init.
  • Added prompting to certs process to give directions to user on next steps after adding or checking a certificate.
  • Changed certs create/delete to add/remove (aliased for back compatibility).
  • Added prompting for internal port to flyctl init.
  • Added display of backup regions.
  • Added --import to flyctl.
  • Added --local-only option to flyctl deploy.
  • Added orgs and dns commands.
  • Displays app URL before deployment.
  • JSON status output now has timestamp.
  • Caught errors in suspend (thanks @alrs).
  • Clarified monitoring error messages.
  • Only display auth URL when an error has occurred.
  • Setting secret to same value no longer causes a "no deployment available" error.
  • Improved internal API use.
  • Immediate duplicates in logs supressed in client.

9th July

flyctl: Version 0.0.137 released

  • New top level commands
  • Apps subcommand deprecated
  • --host added to info command
  • version displays bare version number, --full displays full details
  • secrets setting and unsetting will follow deployment where appropriate
  • secrets now supports --detach
  • move command now prompts with current organization
  • init command now prompts with list of builders or option to create/use Dockerfile
  • init command supports --dockerfile flag to completely skip builder query

Fly Platform/Web

  • Fixed a bug related to incoming HTTP/2 request cookies sent as multiple headers. Incoming HTTP/2 connections can present multiple cookie headers. The headers were sent on as is when the Fly edge downcast the connection to HTTP/1 which is used within the Fly network. Some servers could not handle the multiple headers though. Now, the downcasting process concatenates the multiple cookie headers into a single cookie header.
  • Added the Via header to both http requests and responses
  • Boosted the performance of the Optimizing Image phase of deployment by making better use of existing identical images.

8th June 2020

flyctl: Version 0.0.129 released

  • New flyctl istallation process using script. Installs flyctl into $HOME/.fly/bin (or $FLYCTL_INSTALL/bin if $FLYCTL_INSTALL is set)
  • New flyctl list command - supports listing apps or orgs of user. list apps can match text in name and filter by organization (-o) or status (-s).
  • Enhanced flyctl open command - now takes URL path as a parameter

2nd June 2020

flyctl: Version 0.0.128 released

  • New flyctl apps restart command will restart an application, as if it were paused and resumed.
  • New flyctl monitor command - will follow deployment activity listing the progress for all deployments.
  • New Updating secrets now automatically monitors subsequent redeployment.
  • Fix Upgrade messages now go to stderr (see #137)

Fly Platform/Web

  • Updated - Deno Buildpack (See updated Deno on Fly using Buildpacks) configuration now handled in a single .config file. Version of Deno is now selectable through this file. Set deno_version=v1.0.2 to work around 1.0.3 to 1.0.5 dependency issues.

28th May 2020

flyctl: Version 0.0.124 released

  • New flyctl apps pause and flyctl apps resume commands - Instructs the Fly platform to pause (remove all running instances) and resume (start up one running instance) of an application.
  • New flyctl regions set - allows for the complete replacement of the regions in the region pool list.
  • New option -v or --verbose. Where supported, will produce more detailed output from commands. For example, regions commands will now only output a single line list of region codes for the region pool. Adding -v to the command will list the regions as a table with human readable location names.
  • Enhancement flyctl apps list now displays each applications status

Fly Platform/Web

  • Fix - Deno Buildpack (See Deno on Fly using Buildpacks) Now supports unstable Deno builds. Add .unstable to your application directory to enable it.

18th May 2020

flyctl: Version 0.0.123 released

  • New flyctl open command - looks up the currently deployed application's hostname instructs a web browser to open that URL.

13th May 2020

flyctl: Version 0.0.122 released

  • New scaling mechanism and scaling commands implemented. See Updating Scale article.
  • The autoscale command from v0.0.121 removed.

Fly Platform/Web

  • Removed references to 32 bit versions of flyctl for Windows and Linux as part of deprecation of 32 bit flyctl support.

8th May 2020

flyctl: Version 0.0.121 released

  • New autoscale and regions commands added to flyctl.

Fly Platform/Web

  • New scaling system implemented in the platform, based on region pools. See Updating Scale article.
  • Rolled out new HTTP2 only backhaul. (The backhaul moves traffic around the Fly network between the edge and the datacenters). This change improves performance and stability for Fly applications that use the http handler.

7th May 2020

flyctl: Version 0.0.120 released

  • Naming of flyctl binary artifacts made consistent with tgz artifacts. Standalone binaries now use the same platform names as the archived version. (This is typically not visible to the user through the use of and the installer script).

4th May 2020

flyctl: Version 0.0.118 released

  • Custom Dockerfiles are now correctly mapped (Fixes #119).

30th April 2020

flyctl: Version 0.0.117 released

  • New flyctl auth docker command. This allows users to deploy images directly to fly by adding to the docker daemon's authenticated registries. (Resolves #104)
  • Added --image-label to flyctl deploy enabling a specific image label to be requested at deployment time. (Resolves #110)
  • Timeout increased at end of deployment monitoring to stop erroneous No Deployment messages. (Fixes #113)
  • Modified flyctl deploy version negotiation to resolve API compatibility errors. (Fixes #112)

Fly Platform/Web

  • Added a new Open Source page which covers details of how Fly works, and will be working, with open source projects.
  • A new load balancing allocation algorithm is in place. Designed for global applications with large numbers of instances, an incoming connection will be directed to an instance from the closest least loaded service in a set of three services. Those three services will have been randomly selected from healthy services in the three nearest regions for the app.

16th April 2020

flyctl: Version 0.0.116 released

  • Enhanced error descriptions for bad fly.toml file. flyctl now lists the invalid sections and settings to make it easier to fix. Thanks to Lars Lehtonen for that.
  • Readme for flyctl now includes the upgrade instructions for HomeBrew updates. Thanks to Simon Willison for that.
  • Improved help for flyctl scale vm - now gives basic names for sizes.
  • Arch Linux users who prefer to install from the AUR package system can now use flyctl-bin to get flyctl on their systems.

Fly Platform/Web

  • New applications now get their certificate "instantly"
  • The Fly Proxy will now serve new certificates 2 weeks before the current one expires if it can.

13th April 2020

Fly Platform/Web

  • Added a new ChangeLog page which brings together all the most recent changelogs into one readable page.

7th April 2020

FlyCtlv0.0.115 released

  • Buildkit support. Setting environment variable DOCKER_BUILDKIT to 1 will enable use of the v2 buildkit backend which performs async parallel builds. For compatibility, DOCKER_BUILDKIT defaults to 0.
  • The --squash option for deploy. Obsoleted.

Fly Platform/Web

  • Code samples in documentation now have a copy icon for easier cutting and pasting.

3rd April 2020

FlyCtlv0.0.114 released

  • --build-args support added to deploy. Passes through build arguments to the build process. More details in the blog post Powerbuilding with Fly.

2nd April 2020

Fly Platform/Web

  • Changelog capturing begins.
  • Support for USER <uid> and USER <uid>:<gid> in docker files, specifically where <uid> and <gid> are numeric values.
  • Improved TLS handshake performance
  • Integrated reaping of zombie processes