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Get yourself to to try out Turboku, the art of faster Heroku apps.

Fly Notes - We Complete You

Being able to hit the [TAB] key and getting the possible next part of your command makes discovering command lines so much easier. The good news is that, from version 0.0.96, Fly’s command line generates the files you need so you can activate tab completion.

Flyctl’s version command has a -c/--completion option which takes a shell name as a parameter, bash or zsh. Run flyctl version -c zsh and it will output the file you need to activate completions for flyctl. Typically running

flyctl version -c zsh > $fpath[1]/_flyctl

should place the generated file in the right directory to be picked up when you log in next.

Bash users will have to decide where to store their generated file and source it in their .bashrc - there’s no default directory for completions on bash.

Don’t forget to update your flyctl for this feature!

Want to learn more about Fly? Head over to our Fly Docs for lots more, including a Hands On where you can get a free account and deploy your first app today.