GraphQL, Hasura and Fly

If you’re wondering how to access your data with GraphQL, then it’s worth looking at the Hasura GraphQL engine. It’s gives you a GraphQL backend service. Oh, and we’ve just published a guide on how to deploy Hasura on Fly.

Hasura gives you an open source GraphQL backend which can make it simple to query PostgreSQL by helping you map all your schemas and roles. It also rolls in the ability to query other GraphQL services so you can mix in services. With an interactive console for analyzing and exploring, it’s remarkably useful.

Among the various ways you can deploy Hasura, there’s the option to deploy it with a Docker image. That’s where Fly can come in and turn Hasura into a global GraphQL backend. There’s some configuration to be done - such as where to find your database, setting secrets and turning the interactive console on and off - and we take you through each of the steps.

Dive in and get yourself an Hasura deployment on Fly and do GraphQL everywhere. It’s far simpler on Fly.

Want to learn more about Fly? Head over to our Fly Docs for lots more, including a Hands On where you can get a free account and deploy your first app today.