Fly Changelog 9th April 2020

This is the Fly Changelog where we list all significant changes to the Fly platform, tooling and web sites. There is also an RSS feed of just changelog posts available on

7th April 2020

FlyCtlv0.0.115 released

  • Buildkit support. Setting environment variable DOCKER_BUILDKIT to 1 will enable use of the v2 buildkit backend which performs async parallel builds. For compatibility, DOCKER_BUILDKIT defaults to 0.
  • The --squash option for deploy. Obsoleted.

Fly Platform/Web

  • Code samples in documentation now have a copy icon for easier cutting and pasting.

3rd April 2020

FlyCtlv0.0.114 released

  • --build-args support added to deploy. Passes through build arguments to the build process. More details in the blog post Powerbuilding with Fly.

2nd April 2020

Fly Platform/Web

  • Changelog capturing begins.
  • Support for USER <uid> and USER <uid>:<gid> in docker files, specifically where <uid> and <gid> are numeric values.
  • Improved TLS handshake performance
  • Integrated reaping of zombie processes