Logbook: November 7 to November 14, 2022

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Image by Annie Ruygt

Automatically deploy Elixir apps to production with Github Actions CI and troubleshoot performance issues with OpenTelemetry. Help the Python community draft Django docs. Deploy S3-compatible object storage close to your Fly apps.

Last week we got improved Elixir on Fly docs—this week we get even more goodies that make it easier to deploy and monitor Elixir apps in production.

Github Actions for Elixir CI

Mark rolls up his sleeves, grabs a shovel, and digs into getting Github Actions working for Elixir CI. The best part? You don’t have to get as dirty to get it setup because Mark did all the hard work for you.

Read Github Actions for Elixir CI

Elixir, OpenTelemetry, and the Infamous N+1

After your Elixir CI Github Action automatically deploys your app to production, learn how to use OpenTelemetry to monitor and track down performance issues in your production deployments. Alexander Koutmos shows us how by tracking down an N+1 query issue.

Read Elixir, OpenTelemetry, and the Infamous N+1

Django on Fly

Amazing things happen on the Internet, like the Python community getting together and documenting how to deploying Django apps to Fly. While we don’t have an official 1.0 set of docs yet, it’s getting mighty close thanks to community contributors.

Will Vincent has been pushing forward a more comprehensive guide for Django that’s way better than our current “Run a Python App” guide in this Github Pull Request. There’s also a thread in the Community Forum about an updated blogpost for deploying a “Hello World” Django app.

If you’re a Django or Python developer, check out the PR or read the Community post.

Deploy your own MinIO S3-compatible object storage to Fly

Chris updates our docs on how to deploy your own self-hosted S3-compatible object storage server to Fly. We still think its easier to use an S3 host, like AWS S3, but sometimes that doesn’t make sense when you need object storage in the same datacenter as your application.

Read the MinIO deployment guide

I’ll see you next week!