Logbook: October 29 to November 6, 2022

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Image by Annie Ruygt

This week Redis gets some power-ups, Elixir confesses its love for React, Fly gets real about Postgres, Livewire gifts us with a few tutorials, and a many of us in North America didn’t have to change the clocks around our house because we convinced our families last year to make the switch to UTC.

React inspires Elixir LiveView ❤️ 🤗

Chris McCord writes about how React inspired LiveView reminding us that seemingly very different frameworks actually have a lot to learn from each other.

It’s worth taking this moment to think about what you could learn from other frameworks that evoke strong emotions—there’s lots to learn about what they did well, or even some of the mistakes they may have made.

Read A Love Letter to React

Elixir docs improvements

Well well well, our documentation just keeps getting better around here. Last week we saw improvements to Postgres docs. This week Elixir is taking a turn.

Read the revamped Elixir Docs

Postgres: What Fly manages and what you manage

Fly tries to make it very clear that we provide tools that make it easy to provision and manage a Postgres database cluster, but the tool is so good at quickly getting Postgres databases up and running that it’s easy to forget that its not managed.

The Postgres docs were updated to lay out, in more detail, exactly what Fly manages and what we expect customers to manage.

Read about what Fly manages, and what you manage with Postgres

If managing a Postgres database isn’t your thing, we even threw in a few links to some popular managed Postgres services.

Much to learn about Laravel Livewire

There’s lots to learn this week about Laravel Livewire. Our first teacher, Kathryn Anne, makes complex client-side pagination, grouping, and sorting in a table look easy with this tutorial.

Read Hoarding Order with Livewire

Then Chris walks us through how to send server-side notifications from a Livewire app to peoples’ browsers who are currently using your app.

Read Global Notifications with Livewire

Fly Redis gets a dashboard

When you run fly redis dashboard <org> you’ll be whisked into the Upstash Redis console where you’ll see stats on your Redis instances and instructions on how to connect it to your application. Don’t forget to run fly version update to get the latest CLI before you run this spiffy new command.

Fly Machines multiple processes preview

It’s pretty slick how they work: define your processes and many of them will run inside of one container. Shhhh, don’t tell the container police that we’re running multiple processes inside of one container.

Read the thread about multiple process in Fly Machines

See you next week!