Fly Changelog for 9th June

This is the Fly Changelog where we list all significant changes to the Fly platform, tooling and web sites. This week, new commands - restart, list and monitor - enhanced commands, an improved Deno buildpack and a new way to install flyctl.

In this edition: a new way to install flyctl (and native Windows installers), new commands in flyctl that let you restart, list and monitor applications, an improved open command and an important update to the Deno Buildpack.


  • New instructions for installing flyctl have been rolled out with these releases.
  • curl | sh works for macOS and Linux. For macOS, Homebrew installation continues to be available.
  • Native Windows installation is now available - iwr | iex works with Windows 10.
  • New installation location. Flyctl will now install in $HOME/.fly/bin (or $FLYCTL_INSTALL/bin if $FLYCTL_INSTALL is set).

Restart, List, Monitor

  • flyctl can now restart your application (as if you paused and resumed it rapidly) with the flyctl apps restart command.
  • Users can list all the applications they have access to with flyctl list apps.
  • flyctl list apps word will only return apps with word in the application’s name. Using -o orgname will only return apps in that organization and -s status will only return apps with that particular status.
  • Users can list all the organizations they are a member of with flyctl list orgs.
  • If you’ve detached from monitoring a deployment, you can now restart your monitoring with flyctl monitor. Note that this does not exit on success but stays running to monitor any future deployments too.

Other changes:

  • flyctl open can now take a path as a paramater which is appended to the application’s hostname e.g. flyctl open /testing/path would open https://apphostname/testing/path.
  • New command aliases - apps (alias app), list (alias ls)
  • When updating secrets using flyctl secrets, the deployment monitor will automatically be started to track the subsequent redeployment with the secret.
  • Version upgrade messages go to stderr now to ensure no interruption to CI tooling.

Deno Buildpack:

  • The Deno Buildpack has been modified so all configuration variables are taken from a .config file. The article Deno on Fly using Buildpacks has been updated to cover this. Not having a .config file will produce an error message detailing how to create the file. An empty .config file is valid.

You can get the Changelog in the blog or through an RSS feed of just changelog updates available on There’s also a dedicated ChangeLog page with all the recent updates.

8th June 2020

flyctl: Version 0.0.129 released

  • New flyctl istallation process using script. Installs flyctl into $HOME/.fly/bin (or $FLYCTL_INSTALL/bin if $FLYCTL_INSTALL is set)
  • New flyctl list command - supports listing apps or orgs of user. list apps can match text in name and filter by organization (-o) or status (-s).
  • Enhanced flyctl open command - now takes URL path as a parameter

2nd June 2020

flyctl: Version 0.0.128 released

  • New flyctl apps restart command will restart an application, as if it were paused and resumed.
  • New flyctl monitor command - will follow deployment activity listing the progress for all deployments.
  • New Updating secrets now automatically monitors subsequent redeployment.
  • Fix Upgrade messages now go to stderr (see #137)

Fly Platform/Web

  • Updated - Deno Buildpack (See updated Deno on Fly using Buildpacks) configuration now handled in a single .config file. Version of Deno is now selectable through this file. Set deno_version=v1.0.2 to work around 1.0.3 to 1.0.5 dependency issues.