The October Fly Changelog: Preview Disks and DNS and Better Builtins

Persistent storage is now available, in preview, for Fly applications. Builtin builders are more configurable and there’s a new watch mode for automatically updating app status. All this and more in the Fly Changelog for October.

Disks in Preview

If your application needs to have persistent storage, then the currently in preview volumes feature is for you. The volumes command allows you to create persistent disks for your application. These persist between restarts, deployments and even the app being suspended. Further details about the preview and how to use it are in the disks preview thread in the fly community.

Env Variables Support

You can now set environment variables in your fly.toml file, rather than overloading the secrets feature of Fly. It’s an extra section in the fly.toml file and that’s documented in the Fly configuration reference.

Other Changes

The latest release of Fly’s CLI tool has a whole range of other improvements:

Better Builtins

If you use builtins and have found them not quite flexible enough for you, we’ve now introduced builtin settings that allow you to control selected features in the builtins. Examples of this include the ability to set permissions in the Deno builtin builder and turn on HTTPS auto-upgrading and logging in the static web server.

Status Watching

If you’re tired of repeatedly typing in fly status to check your apps status (or hitting cursor up and return), the new --watch flag will make your life even easier. It switches to poll the status every 5 seconds and provides you with a regular update.

This is the Fly Changelog where we list all significant changes to the Fly platform, tooling, and websites. You can also use the RSS feed of just changelog posts available on or consult our dedicated ChangeLog page with all the recent updates.

27th October

flyctl: Version 0.0.145 released

  • Enhanced builtins support with settings
  • New Python/Procfile builtin available
  • Updated Deno builtin with permissions
  • Updated Static website builtin with https and logging options
  • New commands for Volumes (persistent disk support) in preview
  • init will automatically use the default org if only one org
  • init will not ask for a port when using a builtin - they already default to 8080
  • Added –watch to status to autorefresh status
  • Added –rate to –watch to control refresh rate
  • Logging out now checks in case environment variables are set which contain API tokens
  • Fixed wildcard domain support in certs command

22nd October

Fly Platform/Web

  • Environment variable settings in app config enabled