The January 2021 Fly ChangeLog

Private networking between Fly Apps, WireGuard VPNs, updates to scaling, and backend improvements. This is what’s new at Fly in this month’s ChangeLog.

If you missed 2020, lucky you, to get you all caught up, here’s our Previously On Fly segment. Caught up? Good.

And now here is the Fly ChangeLog, covering the end of December 2020 to January 2021.

6PN Networking and IPv6 WireGuard VPNs

Let your apps talk amongst themselves with 6PN networking. 6PN private networks build on top of Fly’s WireGuard mesh networking and make it easy to look up other apps in your organizations, apps in regions, or globally view all instances of an app.

  • There are no new commands to learn, just a small adjustment to your fly.toml file to enable 6PN DNS resolution for your apps. Read more in the private networking section of the docs.

And if that wasn’t enough, IPv6 WireGuard Peering lets you create VPN tunnels into your organization so you can safely work from inside the Fly infrastructure when developing or use it to securely bridge outside networks and applications into Fly.

  • There’s a new command for flyctl - wireguard lets you create, list, and remove tunnels. You can learn more in the private network VPN section of the docs.

Count Scaling

We’ve switched our default scaling model to a more predictable model, scaling by the count of instances, with autoscaling getting its own command.

  • New flyctl command - autoscale controls autoscaling and scale controls count-scaling. Read more about the changes in our updated scaling and autoscaling section in the docs.

Backend Improvements

It’s not all new commands and features. We’ve been tuning up the Fly infrastructure too. We recently switched to containerd for pulling your images in, removing the entire building roofs stage, and letting us reuse more layers. The result is shorter subsequent boot times for larger images and a faster Fly for all.

Another backend change means that events in an app’s lifecycle—including being configured, starting up, and shutting down—are now being logged in the app’s own logs. This change means more information in logs about what’s happening with an app.

And volumes, the persistent storage option on Fly, are now being lazily initialized and encrypted (by default) so that configuring them is faster.

This is the Fly ChangeLog, where we list all significant changes to the Fly platform, tooling, and websites. You can also use the RSS feed of just changelog posts available on or consult our dedicated ChangeLog page with all the recent updates.

22nd January

flyctl: Version 0.0.162 released

  • Fix darwin getCPUinfo warning on M1 Macs
  • More feature foundation work

15th January

flyctl: Version 0.0.161 released

  • Error message enhancement removed

14th January

flyctl: Version 0.0.160 released

  • Feature foundation work

flyctl: Version 0.0.159 released

  • Add “scale memory” command
  • Updated Cobra - zsh command completion enabled
  • Go, Ruby and Deno builtins use latest version unless overriden in settings
  • Fix bug in orgs list

6th January

flyctl: Version 0.0.158 released

  • fix Autoscale messaging
  • Fix GetVolumes and encrypted setting
  • Make volumes delete not report “volume destroyed”
  • Fix volumes help, correct default size (10GB, not 5GB)

23rd December

flyctl: Version 0.0.157 released

  • WireGuard config now includes PersistentKeepAlive
  • --encrypted flag added for volumes create command
  • volumes show support for new flag added
  • autoscaling disable command added
  • scale count command added

17th December

flyctl: Version 0.0.156 released

  • fly platform regions shows a checkmark against regions with gateways
  • Fix error on Windows installer when upgrading
  • remove private ops from the status display (use fly ips private)
  • Restrict WireGuard peer names to alphanumeric

15th December

flyctl: Version 0.0.155 released

  • Unhide WireGuard commands for general use
  • Updated scale help
  • On failed deployment, offer URL for troubleshooting guide

10th December

flyctl: Version 0.0.154 released

  • New VM Sizes put in place
  • fly ips private displays private IP addresses of app.

3rd December

flyctl: Version 0.0.153 released

  • Enable wireguard commands
  • show private IPs on status output
  • Fixes for init import
  • Remove prices from vm-sizes output (reference now the pricing page)