Fly Changelog May 15th 2020

This is the Fly Changelog where we list all significant changes to the Fly platform, tooling and web sites. You can also use the RSS feed of just changelog posts available on or consult our dedicated ChangeLog page with all the recent updates.

Since the last ChangeLog, we implemented a whole new scaling system with updates to the platform and flyctl. You can read all the details in the Updating Scale article. We’ve also been improving the performance of our backhaul, which moves traffice between the Fly edge and datacenters.

13th May 2020

flyctl: Version 0.0.122 released

  • New scaling mechanism and scaling commands implemented. See Updating Scale article.
  • The autoscale command from v0.0.121 removed.

Fly Platform/Web

  • Removed references to 32 bit versions of flyctl for Windows and Linux as part of deprecation of 32 bit flyctl support.

8th May 2020

flyctl: Version 0.0.121 released

  • New autoscale and regions commands added to flyctl.

Fly Platform/Web

  • New scaling system implemented in the platform, based on region pools. See Updating Scale article.
  • Rolled out new HTTP2 only backhaul. (The backhaul moves traffic around the Fly network between the edge and the datacenters). This change improves performance and stability for Fly applications that use the http handler.

7th May 2020

flyctl: Version 0.0.120 released

  • Naming of flyctl binary artifacts made consistent with tgz artifacts. Standalone binaries now use the same platform names as the archived version. (This is typically not visible to the user through the use of and the installer script).

4th May 2020

flyctl: Version 0.0.118 released

  • Custom Dockerfiles are now correctly mapped (Fixes #119).