Run Apollo Server Close to Your Users can run API servers close to users. It’s kind of like a CDN for your GraphQL server. Here’s a guide to building an edge GraphQL Server with Apollo and Redis.

I’m a newly minted GraphQL convert. We built Fly on top of GraphQL and the experience turned me into a shameless cheerleader. An API format with static typing? That’s my jam.

(If you don’t care for JAMStack puns you can just go read our guide on building an Edge GraphQL service with Apollo)

Speaking of jam, you’ve probably used application stacks that push content close to users. Hosting JavaScript and markup on a CDN can help make an app snappy.

You can also apply CDN like infrastructure to a GraphQL API to get a nice speed boost. All you need is a way to run API servers and an application cache close to users.

Which is why we built a platform to run API servers close to users and paired it with a global Redis cache service. It’s a great place to run Apollo Server, for example, with its cache capabilities and first class Redis support.

We built a demo GraphQL API based on the Open Library REST API. Read the guide or check out the source code.