Logbook - 2022-05-13

Image by Annie Ruygt

Here’s absolutely everything people have made or changed here at Fly.io in the past week or so. Nothing else. Pretty sure. Spin up an app and see for yourself how it’s going!

  • [Feature] Provisioned new servers in syd, iad, and dfw which were very full. Added capacity should mean customers should no longer get provisioning issues when trying to deploy to these regions.
  • [Feature] The account deactivation page now asks users to leave any non-personal organizations they’re an admin of, instead of immediately sending them to support. (Being the only admin of a non-personal org blocks account deletion.) This change puts a little more power in users’ hands for self-service account deletion.
  • [Feature] Deployed our API with Ruby 3.1 🎉 which should hopefully come with some performance improvements as well as allow us to better keep up with security patches going forward. This also opens up some better concurrency patterns for some key pieces of our API that could help us improve performance.
  • [Feature] Published a first draft of an internal doc with tips and tricks for working with our Elixir UI code. This should save team members headaches and help us keep our codebase sane.
  • [Feature] Published Ben Johnson’s blog post on SQLite and Litestream, to show off the minimalistic beauty of SQLite in a new Lite.
  • [Feature/Fix] Permanently disabled consul-templaterb on every node that runs fly-proxy. (Related.) Also found, and fixed, a memory leak in fly-proxy. Nodes now have nice CPU/RAM headroom they didn’t have before.
  • [Feature] Improved error messaging from our API for app and machine name validation, to save debugging time for users and support.
  • [Feature] When paid plans roll out, and folks start subscribing, their organization should now receive a personalized email address to send support inquiries to.
  • [Feature] Added three new workers to ord, as we had run out of capacity there. Customers should now be able to deploy without errors returning or VMs appearing in undesirable locations.
  • [Fix] Added a missing space on our app activity web UI that would otherwise show X daysago. We know our users have enough stress in their lives without seeing that.
  • [Fix] Fixed a bug with the community forum that wouldn’t let some users with older Fly.io accounts get past the registration page.
  • [Fix] Put in a workaround for an MTU issue causing IPv6 connection errors for people on tunnels, DSL, etc. The bigger fix is going to take a little more work, but this should improve connectivity immediately.
  • [Fix] Fixed a bug causing us to not bill some customers. This is good for everyone because we need to make some money, goshdangit.
  • [Fix] Fixed volume metrics which had been broken months.