Acceptable Use Policy

Your use of is subject to the Terms of Service and this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). In a nutshell, reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account, with or without notice, and in its sole discretion.

We would love to give an exhaustive list of ok and not-ok activities, but folks are creative and we can’t predict everything they’ll come up with. Generally speaking, however, go ahead and be creative but don’t do anything on that negatively impacts, other customers, or third parties.

Examples of prohibited uses:

  • Spamming (sending, proxying, or serving spam content)
  • Bypassing free allowance and/or trial plan limits
  • Cryptomining
  • Copyright violations (bots, torrents, mirrors)
  • URL/link shorteners, if they generate abuse complaints
  • Security testing (network or application scanning, phishing, or penetration testing) without consent
  • Serving violent or harassing content (doxxing, revenge pornography)
  • Illegal activities (obviously)

Again, this isn’t an exhaustive list, and we’re happy to answer clarifying questions. Feel free to email us at