Fly App Pricing

Fly application services are billed based on actual usage. It's designed to be cheap to run side projects, and scale reasonably for high volume applications.

If our pricing model doesn't fit your workload, please let us know! In general we should be competitive with AWS / Google Cloud / Azure.

Free tier

The first $10/mo of metered usage is free for each organization. This is an account level credit that automatically applies to any paid service.


$0.000000878 per connection, per second

We bill for TCP session time. When a client establishes a TCP connection to your application, the meter starts. When the client or server drop that connection, the meter stops.

Note: By default, we allocate one CPU and 1GB of RAM per 20 concurrent connections to an application. The connection concurrency setting on Fly apps also changes the per connection prices. Read about compute allocation for complete details.

CPURAMConcurrencyPer secondApprox. monthly

Network prices

IP addresses

You can route global IP addresses to your applications.

We also have shared IPv4 addresses you can use at no cost.

Managed SSL certificates

We use Lets Encrypt to issue certificates, and donate half of our SSL fees to them at the end of each calendar year.

Outbound data transfer

Billed per GB, inbound data transfer is free:

TierUS and EuropeSydneyTokyoSingaporeHong Kong
First 10TB$0.085$0.12$0.12$0.14$0.14
Next 50TB$0.08$0.105$0.105$0.12$0.12
Over 50TB$0.07$0.09$0.105$0.105$0.105


Email based support is included for all customers, regardless of usage level.

We offer volume discounts and paid support plans with SLA guarantees as well.