The Fly-Replay Header

The fly-replay response header is a way for an instance of an app to respond to an HTTP request by asking the Fly proxy to redeliver (replay) it somewhere else within the same Fly organization. The content of the fly-replay header fields tells our proxy which magic to perform, and the proxy takes it from there.


Field Description
region The 3-letter code for a region to which the request should be routed.
instance The ID of a specific instance to which the request should be routed.
app The name of an app within the same organization, to which the request should be routed.
fly-proxy will choose the nearest instance.
state Optional arbitrary string to include in the fly-replay-src header appended to the request being replayed.
elsewhere Boolean. If true, the responding instance will be excluded from the next round of load-balancing.


Our proxy appends a header, fly-replay-src, to the replayed HTTP request, with information about the instance that sent the fly-replay.

Field Description
instance The ID of the instance emitting fly-replay.
region The region fly-replay was sent from.
t A timestamp: microseconds since the Unix epoch.
state The contents of the state field of the fly-replay header, if any.

Example Use Cases

Send a write request from a read-only replica to the region in which a HA database leader lives:

fly-replay: region=sjc

The proxy will get the request to an instance in that region and let the instances in the cluster take care of getting it to the writeable leader.

Send the request to an instance of a different app in the same organization, in the nearest region that has one:

fly-replay: app=app-in-same-org

This can be used for cross-app replays; think a router app for a FaaS that wants to spin up a customer VM on demand.

Replay the request to a specific instance by ID:

fly-replay: instance=00bb33ff

Tell the target instance why the request was routed to it (where the recipient app has logic to make use of that information):

fly-replay: region=sjc;state=captured_write

Fields can be stacked; for instance, to send the request on to an instance of the app "app-in-same-org" in the sjc region:

fly-replay: region=sjc;app=app-in-same-org 

Some combinations of fields can conflict: e.g. don't specify an app name and an instance ID that doesn't belong to that app.

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