Check Provisioned Resources


Get an overview of the app, including a list of its VM instances with Machine IDs:

fly status --app <pg-app-name>

VM Scale

List more details about an individual Machine:

fly machine status <machine-id> --app <pg-app-name>

From this information you can get the scale of the VM (both Memory and CPUs), and the ID of its attached Fly Volume.

Provisioned Volume Size

You can check the sizes of all the storage volumes provisioned for your Postgres App with

fly vol list --app <pg-app-name>

Public Anycast IP Addresses

If you’ve configured your Postgres cluster to be reachable by external services, you’ll have provisioned at least one public anycast IP address. You can check these with

fly ips list --app <pg-app-name>

Pricing for all resources can be found at