Users & Roles

A Postgres cluster is configured with three users when created:

  • postgres - a role with superuser and login privileges that was created for you along with the cluster. Since the postgres role has superuser rights, it’s recommended that you only use it for admin tasks and create new users with access restricted to the minimum necessary for applications
  • flypgadmin - a role used internally by to configure and query the Postgres cluster
  • repmgr - a role used by repmgr to manage replication for the Postgres cluster

If you attached a Fly App to your Postgres cluster app with fly postgres attach, then you’ll have a an additional database and user with the same name as the consuming app.

You can list users with flyctl. For example, for a Postgres cluster app named pg-test:

fly postgres users list --app pg-test
my_app_name     yes         my_app_name, postgres, repmgr
flypgadmin      yes         my_app_name, postgres, repmgr
postgres        yes         my_app_name, postgres, repmgr
repmgr          yes         my_app_name, postgres, repmgr

In this example, there’s an attached Fly App in the list of users.