The Basics

If you are running a small/simple application making use of a higher level framework like Next.js or Remix the information provided on these pages may be useful as background information.

Other applications using things like Express, Fastify, or even http.server may require additional set up.

These guides will help you get through the basics of setting up your JavaScript application with pieces of infrastructure commonly found in medium-to-high complexity JavaScript applications.

Installing flyctl and logging in

In order to start working with, you will need flyctl, our CLI app for managing apps. If you’ve already installed it, carry on. If not, hop over to our installation guide. Once that’s installed you’ll want to log in to Fly.

Once you have logged on, below are a number of topics. Review the ones you want, and in review them in any order. Once you are ready, run:

fly deploy


Get started by generating a Dockerfile used to build and deploy your application.


Installing needed dependencies, and addressing common problems.


Connecting your application to a database.


Local persistent storage for Fly machines.

Listening Ports

Connecting your application to the internet.


Making credentials available to your production


Scaling your application to meet demand