Restart an App or a Machine

All new apps now deploy to V2 of the Fly Apps platform, running on Fly Machines. Most docs focus on Apps V2, but we still include information specific to the legacy Fly Apps V1 where appropriate.

We'll be migrating all V1 apps in phases. Learn more about how and why we're getting off Nomad.

You can also migrate your V1 app yourself using our migration tool or manually.

Running fly deploy on an App creates a new release of the App, and restarts the Machines that it manages.

Sometimes you don't want to update anything; you just want to reboot and start the root file system afresh. (Yes, restarting wipes the ephemeral file system, just as a fly deploy or fly machine update will.)

Restart Every Machine in the App

fly apps restart <app-name> restarts all Machines in the App— Machines that belong to fly deploy as well as any other Machines you may have created within the App.

Restart an Individual Machine

If one particular Machine needs a kick, restart it using fly machine restart:

fly machine restart <machine-id>

You can provide multiple <machine-id>s to restart several Machines in one command.

On a Nomad App

On Nomad apps the equivalent is fly vm restart:

fly vm restart <instance-id> -a <app-name>