Launch Apps Near Users transforms containers into micro-VMs that run on our hardware in 30+ regions on six continents.

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We’ll deploy straight from your source code. You’ll be up and running in just minutes.

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> Install flyctl on GNU/Linux
curl -L | sh
> Ship a Docker image
fly launch
> Run it on three continents
fly scale count 3 --region ams,hkg,sjc

Not on GNU/Linux? Install flyctl for your platform.

Sandboxing at Scale

Meet Fly Machines

Full Linux micro-VMs running on our metal, built from your own containers with a single command or API call.

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  • Launch Instantly
    Fly Machines boot in around 300ms, fast enough to start in response to HTTP requests.
  • Clone Globally
    Use machines as templates to place your app in any region we serve.
  • Scale to Zero
    Pause machines when they’re not in use, paying only for machines that actually run.
  • Zero-Config Secure Networking
    Machines automatically connect to our global Anycast network and to IPv6 private networks.

We’ve got you covered

Enterprise-Ready Security

Apps running on Fly Machines have KVM hardware isolation, built on a memory-safe stack and running directly on our metal.

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  • Single Sign-On and MFA
  • Secure-by-default private networking
  • Memory-safe Rust and Go stack
  • E2EE with A-grade TLS and WireGuard
  • SOC2 attested

No Poster Board Necessary

Globally Distributed Databases Without the Science Project

Fly Anycast HTTP lets apps control routing, enabling single-writer multi-reader clusters for super-fast reads.

  • Fast nVME Storage

    Create Fly Volumes from 1 to 500 gigabytes with a single command; they show up as directories in your VMs, use them however you like.

  • Automated Backups

    Fly Volumes are snapshotted to off-network durable encrypted storage, no extra config required.

  • Postgres Cluster Management

    Automatic leader election, fail-over, and member management, built on standard Postgres tooling.

Emoji of a hand with the index and pink fingers extended, also known as the universal 'rock on' symbol. Use our automated Postgres, or bring your own database, like CockroachDB or Mongo. Emoji of a hand with the index and pink fingers extended, also known as the universal 'rock on' symbol.

Comfort Zone Approved

Use the Tech You Love

Build with your favorite framework. No Dockerfile? No problem: our CLI generates containers for most popular frameworks, including Rails, Phoenix, Django, Node, Laravel, and .NET.

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