Scalable Full Stack
Without the Cortisol

Over 3 million apps have launched on, boosted by global Anycast load-balancing, zero-configuration private networking, hardware isolation, and instant WireGuard VPN connections. Push-button deployments that scale to thousands of instances.

Speedrun Your App

Public Cloud Infrastructure. Modern Platform Endorphins.

The most flexible and powerful compute platform on any public cloud. Fly Machines are hardware-virtualized containers, running on our own hardware, that launch instantly and run exactly as long as you want them to — for a single HTTP request, or for weeks of uptime.

  • Get Right in Your Users’ Faces

    Deploy in 35 regions, from Sydney to São Paulo, for sub-100ms response times and native-app feel no matter where your users are.

  • Fork Off VMs Like They’re Processes

    Fly Machines start fast enough to handle HTTP requests, run only when you need them, and scale into tens of thousands of instances.

  • Ship GPU-Boosted Models

    From LLMs to inferencing, hardware acceleration with the same developer experience as a simple CRUD app.

  • Built for Distributed Systems

    Clustered databases like Cockroach, globally-distributed Postgres, and modern RPC systems like Elixir FLAME, no Terraform required.

Support By Developers For Developers

Paid plans include a team of actual engineers (not chatbots) who themselves ship code on our platform. Emergency support and guaranteed response times available.

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Apps running on Fly Machines are KVM hardware-isolated, built on a memory-safe stack and running directly on our metal.

Enterprise Features Security
  • Single Sign-On
  • Guaranteed Support Response Times
  • SOC2 Type 2 Attested
  • Memory-safe Rust and Go stack
  • CI/CD Integration

Serverful JavaScript Without the Hassle of Serverless

Imagine if a server could boot as fast as a serverless function? That's Fly Machines—serverless compute is a trade-off you no longer need to make. Graduate to a full-stack cloud to regain control over your stack & hosting bill.

An illustration of Frankie the hot air balloon looking at the JavaScript logo in love.
  • Boots in 250ms or Less

    Functions and apps boot and respond to web requests in 250ms or less with Fly Machines. You decide to keep them running or automatically put them to sleep.

  • Built for JavaScript Developers

    JavaScript, TypeScript, Bun, Deno—whatever your flavor, Fly Launch automatically detects your runtime and generates a VM with everything you need to run your app.

  • Real GPUs & CPUs on the Edge

    Run workloads that require GPUs or lots of CPUs, memory, and storage in over 30 regions around the world—all interconnected by a private, encrypted WireGuard network that works out of the box.

Use the Tech You Love

Build with your favorite framework. No Dockerfile? No problem: our CLI generates containers for most popular frameworks, including Rails, Phoenix, Django, Node, Laravel, and .NET.

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Developer-Focused Public Cloud

Help us build the next public cloud. No, seriously. Is your product something devs can take advantage of to ship better apps? Work with us.

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