There's a good chance we're about to freak you out

Whatever your app is, from Django to Elixir/Phoenix, it's probably about to run on in just two quick steps. Ready… set…

Step 1

Sign Up

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Step 2

Install Flyctl

Follow these instructions to install flyctl, our intrepid command-line interface. It's 100% open-source if you're squeamish about this stuff.

> Install flyctl on GNU/Linux
curl -L | sh

Step 3

Launch your app

Run flyctl launch and follow the instructions. That's all there is to it.

> Ship a Docker image
fly launch

Need more stuff? is a complete, developer-focused public cloud. If your app runs on Linux, you can get it running here, soup to nuts, in glorious hardware-virtualized fidelity.

  • Database

    Supabase Postgres. The Internet's most scalable database, run by the Internet's most obsessive Postgres nerds, directly on hardware. Learn more

  • Cache

    You're a single flyctl command away from an Upstash Redis instance of your own: scales to zero, runs fast everywhere on the planet. Learn more

  • Object Storage

    Tigris Data uses super-fast attached NVMe as a localized write-through cache, automagically migrates data where it most wants to be, and works with anything that speaks S3. Learn more

  • GPU

    Run LLMs, GANs, and inference models directly on data center grade NVIDIA GPU hardware with Fly GPUs. Learn more

A Sufficiently Advanced Technology

Fly Machines

Hardware-virtualized containers that launch in a tiny fraction of a second, fast enough to start in response to HTTP requests. They run exactly as long as you want them to: for seconds or days. And you can drive them from a simple HTTP API.

Learn More

Hell Yes We Speak Your Language

Build with your favorite framework. If it runs on Linux it runs here.