LiteFS Export Command


The export command will download a SQLite database from a LiteFS cluster. If the named database doesn’t exist, it will return an error. This command is safe to use on a live database.


litefs export [arguments] PATH


You’ll need to specify a name for the database using the -name flag.

  -name string
      database name

If you are exporting a database from a remote LiteFS node, you’ll need to specify the base API URL for that node. This defaults to the local LiteFS node.

  -url string
      LiteFS API URL (default "http://localhost:20202")


Exporting from a local instance

Export a database named my.db on LiteFS to the local /path/to/db path on disk:

litefs export -name my.db /path/to/db

Exporting from a remote instance

Export a database named my.db on a remote LiteFS node to the local file path /path/to/db:

litefs export -name my.db -url http://myotherhost:20202 /path/to/db