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We’re building something ambitious at a new public cloud, running on our own hardware all over the world, built to make it easy to run apps close to users anywhere in the world.

We’ve built something people want. Developers sign up and try us out without us asking (thanks!). We’ve reached that inflection point where we need to help some customers get comfy on our platform quickly. Enter their champion: you.

Historically, we’ve been all self-serve growth - developers can find us, sign up, and build things on their own. But that’s only one side of the equation! Sometimes our bigger users need more focused help. We need them to be successful.

We have a team of very skilled (but very busy) engineers who can help you through technical issues, and a great support team that’s already helping users every day. What we need now is someone to help super users to get the most out of

If you have customer management experience from a company that puts its focus on growing the product, and you’re hungry to see how you can have a huge impact, then welcome to the ground floor of*.

(*The role is remote so technically it’s just your floor.)

This role will be a good fit for you if:

  • You’re proactive. You learn about what the customer wants to do, so that you can help them solve problems they didn’t know they had.
  • You empathize with customers and deeply understand their use cases. You’re their voice within, connecting them with internal folks to solve their problems.
  • You like experimenting. You’d want to try lots of different ways to find customers who are having trouble figuring out how to use, and then rescue them from the brink of churn.
  • You’re a problem-solver. You’re not implementation nor support, but you can help guide the customer to the best use of for what they want to do. 
  • You have a strong sense of what’s right for the customer, but also what’s right for If we aren’t the right fit, you can gracefully shepherd them to another solution.
  • You know what developers are up to. Maybe you’re a developer yourself, maybe not. Either way you have genuine interest in what developers are building and how they do it.
  • You’re persuasive. You can build trust quickly. Everyone at already cares about the customer (yay, product led growth!) and you can leverage that to connect the right people to get to the problem solved.

You know you’re succeeding in your job if:

  • You’ve helped customers understand how they can best use our services, and has less churn as a result.
  • You’ve experimented with new ways to find at-risk customers and catch them sooner.
  • Current customers and partners are excited about using for more of their apps and services after working with you.
  • You’re the fastest person to play whack-a-mole on customers’ questions, and you don’t let their problems fall through the cracks.
  • You can articulate the problems and needs of the customers you’re working with.
  • You’ve talked to (and helped!) enough customers that you now see potential product enhancements and changes that can unlock a new class of use cases or new opportunities for

More Details

This is an mid career level, fully-remote, full-time salaried position (so not commission-based because we don’t have a sales org yet). You can live anywhere in the world; your work hours and holidays observed are up to you. In order to optimize for pay equity, doesn’t negotiate salaries. We have standardized salaries for each employee level. The salary is $134k or $190k USD, dependent on level. We offer competitive equity grants with a long exercise window. US employees get health care, everyone gets flexible vacation time (with a minimum), hardware/phone allowances, the standard stuff.

Our hiring process may be a little different from what you’re used to. We respect career experience but we aren’t hypnotized by it, and we’re thrilled at the prospect of discovering new talent. So instead of resumes and interviews, we’re going to show you the kind of work we’re doing and then see if you enjoy actually doing it; “work-sample challenges”. Unlike a lot of places that assign “take-home problems”, our challenges are the backbone of our whole process; they’re not pre-screeners for an interview gauntlet. (We’re happy to talk, though!)

If you’re interested, mail You can tell us a bit about yourself, if you like. Please also include 1. your location (so we know what timezone you’re in for scheduling) and 2. a sentence about your favorite food (so we know you’re not a bot.)