LiteFS Mount Command


The mount command will mount a LiteFS directory via FUSE and begin communicating with the LiteFS cluster. The mount will be accessible once the node becomes the primary or is able to connect and sync with the primary.

Most options are specified in the litefs.yml config file.


litefs mount [arguments]


A specific config file path can be specified using the -config flag. If the config file cannot be read from this path, LiteFS will exit with an error and not attempt to search the other config paths.

Environment variable expansion can be disabled via the -no-expand-env flag.

  -config string
      config file path
      do not expand env vars in config


These debugging flags can produce verbose output so they are not recommended for regular use. The -fuse.debug flag enables logging for every FUSE request and response. This can also be enabled via the config file.

The -tracing flag enables logging for LiteFS-specific events such as reading and writing database pages or acquiring and releasing locks. This flag enables output to STDOUT but a disk-based tracing log can be enabled via the config file.

      enable FUSE debug logging
      enable trace logging to stdout