Unique hostnames for all your customers

Give your customers branded hostnames with fast, global SSL. Zero maintenance and zero headaches at any scale.

curl -X POST http://fly.io/api/v1/sites/your-application/hostnames \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"data": { "attributes": { "hostname": "something.amazing.tld" } } }'
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Simple setup

Assign a hostname with our API, then have your users create a single DNS record. We generate an SSL certificate instantly, and keep it updated forever.

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Edge delivery

Your customers' hostnames are served through HTTP/2 from a global network of caching proxies. Secure, fast, resilient; give them the best speed and uptime possible.

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Magnificent middleware

One-click analytics and auth service, Geo-IP information, and more. Give your users more features, no development required.

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How it works

When you're building an amazing service, your users might want to bring along their own custom hostname.

It makes sense! A unique domain is a great way to build a brand. But, this can be a pain to configure and maintain...

Typically, you'd need to wrangle a proxy, mass generate and renew SSL certificates, and implement some wily load balancing.

With Fly, just POST a hostname to the Fly API, receive a signed one in return, then have your customers prove ownership through a DNS record.

That's it! You keep shipping features, we'll handle the rest.

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A delivery system for your customers’ best work

Fly is an Application Delivery Network that makes your applications faster. When you sign up with Fly, your application is delivered from a global load balancing network piloted by intelligent edge-server proxies. It's fast, convenient, and a boon for your customers.

Metered, scalable pricing

Transparent, predictable pricing

Fly is free for the first 2 million requests and 100GB of data per month. After that, it starts at $0.0035 per thousand requests, and $0.18/GB of bandwidth.

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“So far the biggest win is not wrangling SSL-certificates or having to manage load balancers with Nginx and HAProxy or keep those up to date with security patches on them”…

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