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By Apród Illés

Reusable, Dynamic Tables With Laravel Livewire

Tables have always played an essential role in the history of web development. Decades ago, tables lived their golden age; they were used not only to structure data but also for the layout of web pages. It was easy to arrange things with tables, a...

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By Chris Fidao

Taking Laravel Global puts your application close to your users by making global deployments easy. It's literally just a few commands. Here's an example of showing an app, currently in DFW (Dallas), scaled out to also include Frankfurt and Singapore: # Add 2 ad...

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By Chris Fidao

Multi-Region Laravel With PlanetScale

We're going to see how to serve Laravel globally. is great at serving your application from servers in multiple regions. PlanetScale is great at putting your data close to your application servers! We're going to use PlanetScale Portals to ...

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By Chris Fidao

Deploying With Private Composer Packages

If you've read anything on, you've probably noticed a snippet like this: We transmogrify Docker containers into lightweight micro-VMs and run them on our own hardware in racks around the world, so your apps can run close to your users. F...

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By Apród Illés

Customize a Laravel Select Component

When it comes to form elements, we might immediately reach for an open-source or paid library. Pre-built components speed up development and using well-tested, robust libraries take a lot of pressure off our shoulders. But what about when we need ...

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By Chris Fidao

Full Stack Laravel

We have docs on using fly launch to get you up and running quickly with Laravel, but let's talk about all the other stuff you probably want - Redis, MySQL, cron, and queues! We're gonna spin up a new Laravel installation, add some user authenticat...

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