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Platform Engineers are building the kernel of platform. This job is all about sculpting infrastructure into a product customers want. It’s deeply technical, but developer experience is our forcing function all the way down to the metal. launched, years ago, on HashiCorp’s Nomad orchestrator. Nomad is an excellent system, and we’d recommend it. But we’ve outgrown it. For the past year, we’ve been building something new to replace it, a new engine for the platform called flyd. And with flyd comes a whole new way of thinking about how apps deploy on

This summer, we announced the Fly Machines API. Fly Machines allow you to think about VMs the same way you’d think about forking off a process: just something your app can do, whenever it needs to. Our Machines API gives developers fine-grained control over where and when their code runs on our platform: unlike Fly Apps, which take a set of constraints (“10 instances, 2 CPUs each, split between Sydney and Frankfurt”), Fly Machines allow you to reserve capacity precisely where you need it. The Machines API is built on flyd.

What We’re Up To

The next step is to get the rest of our platforms, including Apps, running on flyd as well. Do you have a love-hate relationship with Kubernetes? We’re building an alternative; we’re the anti-k8s, and we’re here to convert you.

We’ve got lots of fun problems to work on:

  • Distributed systems
  • Low-level systems development
  • Serious performance work and lots of opportunities for more gains
  • Exciting deployments! Just what you want in a deployment system!

Most of the work we do on this stuff is in Go, but the bridge between our orchestration and customer VMs is a Rust init we own as well. Everyone here does both kinds of coding.

More About Us And How We Hire

There’s more about us than you probably want to know at our hiring documentation.

Make sure you read the part about our hiring process! We do hiring differently here.

The salary range for this role is $120k-$200k, plus equity.

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